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Junior Fellowship Opportunities

Boren Scholarship 

Critical Language Scholarship     

SROP (Summer Research Opportunities Program)             

Leadership Alliance 

Goldwater Scholarship- Requires University Nomination

Pickering Scholarship          

The Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellowship Programs provide academic and professional preparation for outstanding candidates to enter the U.S. Department of State Foreign Service, representing America's interests abroad. Pickering Fellows are undergraduate and graduate students in academic programs relevant to international affairs, political and economic analysis, administration, management, and science policy. Women, members of minority groups historically underrepresented in the Foreign Service, and students with financial need are encouraged to apply. Pickering Fellows receive mentoring, professional development, and financial support.  Upon successful completion of the Foreign Service examination, Pickering Fellows make a commitment to a minimum of five years of service in an appointment as Foreign Service Officer.


Harry S. Truman Scholarship- Requires University Nomination

The Harry S Truman Foundation Scholarship Program gives exceptional college juniors who have demonstrated potential to become change agents in public service careers an opportunity to refine their goals and plan their graduate studies. Successful applicants have a history of individual accomplishment as change agents, and are able to show how their past achievements connect to their plans for the future.  Foundation Scholarships award up to $30,000 for graduate studies in the U.S. or abroad in a very broad range of careers dedicated to public service. Truman Scholars participate in leadership training programs, career and graduate school counseling, and special internship opportunities within the federal government. Over 600 students apply each year for 55-65 spots.