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Pacific Technology implements new and improved email spam filter

Jul 14, 2015

On July 8, Pacific Technology replaced the University's Microsoft email filtering system with a new filter from Barracuda Networks. This filter should provide better protection against phishing attacks and newly-released viruses. It also provides some exciting new features and a new web interface at

Your login credentials are still your e-mail address and your current PacificNet password.

Here are some of the new features available to you:

  • You can choose to receive daily or weekly notifications about quarantined email
  • You can configure your own lists of safe and unsafe senders
  • Quarantined mail is now kept for 30 days instead of 14 days
  • You can directly report spam to Barracuda at

The new filter will "learn," adapting to both the University's email traffic and your personal email traffic, and improve its accuracy over time.

To help with the learning process:

  • Keep an eye on your quarantine, and flag quarantined messages as "spam" or "not spam".
  • Report spam that gets through to your Exchange mailbox to your local TSP or to CSC.
  • (Do not report vanilla bulk mail from legitimate sources - use the unsubscribe link.)
  • Report any missing mail or reports of mail being "bounced" by the University.

If you receive email that appears to be an attempt to "phish" your credentials by asking you to log on to a suspicious website, has a suspicious attachment or link, or otherwise appears to be a threat to the University's security, please report it to IT Security ( immediately.

If you have questions regarding the new quarantine interface, or if you need to report spam, please contact the CSC Helpdesk at 209.946.7400,, or your local Technical Support Provider.

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