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Charles Schiffman Teacher Recognition

Award Program

For over 40 years, Charles "Charlie" Schiffman served the region as teacher and administrator. He believed in the power of education and provided guidance, support and intellectual challenges to all who knew him.

University of the Pacific continues to celebrate the legacy of Mr. Schiffman by recognizing and honoring the contributions of passionate educators who leave a lasting impact on the lives of our students. The Charles Schiffman Teacher Recognition Program provides incoming freshman with an opportunity to acknowledge their most influential teachers, coaches and administrators with an award nomination.

Charles Schiffman Teacher Recognition Award Program nominees will be formally recognized by University of the Pacific for their commitment and dedication to education with a personalized letter and an award certificate.

Nomination Process (Use form below)

K-12 educators honored with a 2015 Charles Schiffman Teacher Recognition Award should:

  • Communicate effectively with students, parent, administrators and other teachers.
  • Engage students in creative and imaginative learning activities.
  • Inspire students to do their best and try harder when they fail.
  • Reach-out to students of all backgrounds and abilities to help them to succeed.

Any first-year University of the Pacific student whose life has been positively impacted by a K-12 teacher, coach or administrator may submit nominations. There is no limit to the number of nominations that an individual may submit.

The nomination period closes on September 25, 2015.