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Center for Business and Policy Research
Eberhardt School of Business
Jeffrey Michael, PhD - Exec. Director
Thomas Pogue, PhD - Assoc. Dir.
Sacramento Office: 916.340.6084
Stockton Office: 209.946.2913

RD 17 SB 5 Analysis

In June 2015, the Center completed a report titled "Economic Benefits of Investment to Comply with SB 5 Requirements." SB 5, which was approved by the state of California in 2007, requires urban and urbanizing areas within the Sacramento-San Joaquin watershed to achieve a 200-year level of flood protection. Areas subject to SB 5 have until July 2, 2015 to incorporate its requirements into their General Plan and have until July 2, 2016 to adjust local zoning regulations. Thus, in July 2016, areas that have not achieved compliance with SB 5 requirements will essentially be banned from permitting new development or issuing discretionary permits that would significantly change or intensify the use of existing structures. This report estimates the economic benefits of investments to comply with SB 5 in Reclamation District 17 (RD 17). RD 17 covers portions of Lathrop, Manteca, Stockton, and San Joaquin County. 

The report can be found here.