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Benefits news: July is Weight Management Month

Jun 26, 2015

Make today Mindfully Balanced!

It can be hard to take time out of your busy life for exercise, but you'll thank yourself when you do. This month celebrate Summer! Skip to the gym, take a bike ride, sign up for outdoor yoga or take a hike! The most important step is to get moving and get outside! Here are a few options:

  • Go local: explore your city or town. Go to the park for a walk.

  • Pack your snacks: Plan for healthy munchies by bringing along fruit and nuts.

  • Make a splash: Drink water instead of soda or juice to stay hydrated under the sun.

Learn more about Kaiser's healthy weight program by clicking here! This site offers great resources for eating right, staying active, handling setbacks, and taking time out to place yourself first! Another great resource is the BMI (Body Mass Index) tool to try. Check it out.

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