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Statement about memorandum of understanding between University of the Pacific and Drexel University

Jun 26, 2015


  • On March 5, 2015, Drexel University announced that it would begin the process of phasing out its campus in Sacramento. 
  • In late March, University of the Pacific and Drexel began talks to explore how Pacific could help Drexel complete its graduate degree programs in Sacramento as Pacific launches new graduate and professional programs in the region.
  • In late spring, the two universities signed a memorandum of understanding that would provide an opportunity for Drexel to use University of the Pacific space between January 1, 2016, and the end of Drexel’s “teach-out” period. The teach-out term ends when all currently enrolled Drexel students who want to complete the Drexel degree programs in which they are enrolled as cohorts have had an opportunity to earn their degrees (all programs will be completed by August 2017).
  • Pacific may engage Drexel faculty who are interested in teaching some Pacific courses during the teach-out term.


Q:  How many Drexel students will take classes on Pacific’s Sacramento Campus?
A:  All of Drexel’s students (approximately 110) will move to Pacific’s Sacramento Campus starting around January 1, 2016, as all Drexel classes will be taught there.

Q: How many Drexel faculty will teach at Pacific’s Sacramento Campus?
A: Drexel will make that determination based on the course needs of continuing Drexel students who choose to complete their Drexel degrees.

Q: How many Drexel faculty will Pacific engage to teach Pacific courses in Sacramento?
A: The decision by Pacific to invite Drexel faculty to teach Pacific courses would be made in the near future.

Q: What access to the Pacific Sacramento Campus facilities will Drexel students enjoy?
A: Drexel students will have full access to the facilities of Pacific's Sacramento campus including the Gordon D. Schaber Law Library, bookstore, cafeteria, pool, etc.

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