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Learning + Development
Human Resources Building

3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

Manager Development Program

Managers are critical change agents and accelerants of strategy execution at the front line. They are the crucial link between an organization's strategic intent and action. With this in mind, Learning + Development has created the Manager Development Program to help managers excel in their role, as they have the single greatest impact on employees and results.

Interested in the program? Please contact Sondra Roeuny (209.946.3924) or Shani Richards (209.946.7738) for more information.

Applications Closed at This Time - Program in Concluded

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  • Overview 

    Learning + Development's Manager Development Program consists of both in-person and online sessions that allow managers to develop increased self-awareness about their strengths and areas of opportunities, practice self-management skills, learn how to effectively manage and follow others, and acquire vital collaborative, communication, and business acumen skills. Additionally, participants will receive individualized coaching, group feedback, and performance support tools to ensure success.

  • Who Should Attend 

    Managers who are seeking to develop their skills within their role and want to commit to learning and development, practice new skills consistently, and reflect on their experiences should attend the Manager Development Program.

  • Learning Objectives 

    Manager Development Program participants will acquire these benefits:

    • Learn and practice self-awareness and management by leveraging key insights gained from self and multi-rater assessments tools.
    • Gain the skills to provide meaningful and supportive feedback that boost morale, improve productivity, and increase team excellence by learning how to coach for peak performance in each person.
    • Strengthen your interpersonal skills and get things done by learning how to effectively mobilize and engage others to achieve organizational impact.
    • Learn about the key elements of executing strategy at the front line by acquiring the skills that will help you focus on the few most critical priorities, measure progress toward the accomplishment of these priorities, and hold yourself and your team members accountable against the metrics.
  • Topics 

    The Manager Development Program will explore the following 4 competency areas:

    • Developing for Personal Mastery
    • Managing and Following Others
    • Driving Organizational Impact
    • Achieving Results