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Benefits news: Herbal supplements and dental health

Jun 12, 2015

Using herbal supplements? Why should you tell your dentist?

Whether it's Echinacea or aspirin, always tell your dentist about any medications and supplements you are taking.

Everything you ingest—even vitamins—causes a certain reaction.  If your dentist doesn't know what drugs and supplements you have taken, he or she will not know how to protect you from possible substance interactions. This is particularly important if you are undergoing any surgical treatment.

Although many conventional medications are derived from plants, they are different from herbal medications. This is mainly because they are based on a chemical that is made in a laboratory, even though it may have originally come from a plant. 

Herbal medications (also called botanical or alternative) are made from natural chemicals extracted from a plant and are produced either in original form or refined. When an herbal medication is refined, the essential extract is taken out of the plan source, concentrated and then added back to make the original herbal medication more potent.

If an herbal medication could interfere with your dental treatment, your dentist may ask you to stop taking the medication until the treatment is complete.

There are a variety of combinations to avoid. Click here for more information. There are many helpful articles on the Delta Dental website at

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