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Data Integrity Group (DIG)

What is DIG?
First established by the Provost in 2001, the Data Integrity Group (DIG) works to validate and clean institutional data for reporting purposes. Every information system contains errors. Some relate to improper functioning within the system, some are programming errors, and many are due to poor practices in data management. The university must always strive for the highest accuracy in data. Good data are the basis for solid fact-based decision making desired by campus leadership. The Data Integrity Group (DIG) focuses on these issues. The group meets throughout the year and has additional assignments beyond the meeting time. The membership consists of data managers in the primary student areas and include:

  • Institutional Research (chair)
  • data representative, Admissions
  • data representative, Financial aid
  • data representative, Graduate school
  • data representative, Housing and Greek Life
  • data representative, Registrar
  • data representative, Student Life
  • data representative, Student Accounts
  • programming staff, Pacific Technology

In prior years the group began to meet one month before the census date each term (~4 times, or once per week before each census). During that time IR generated reports weekly, which meant members had to wait for updates to occur before they could review the data. Now the IR office is creating new reports that allow DIG members to review data instantaneously without needing to wait for IR updates. These new reports will be housed on this webpage. 



Housing and Residential Life

  • Financially Unaccepted
  • Confirmed, Not in Housing
  • In Housing, Not Confirmed
  • In Housing, Not Registered




Cross Module Reports