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Freshman Honors Program
John Ballantyne Hall

University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Ave
Stockton, CA 95211

Residential Program

John Ballantyne Residential Hall

We encourage freshmen Honors students to live in Honors housing. Much of the success of our Honors Program is attributed to the Honors Residence Hall. Our residential community is special because students have the opportunity to live among other high-achieving freshmen. Also living among the freshmen are the Honors Peers, who are Sophomore or Junior Honors students. The Honors Peers organize study sessions, are available to answer questions, and help build a sense of community. The Honors Peers' main goal is to ensure that our freshmen make the transition to college life as smoothly as possible. The Honors Program strives to provide the supportive environment that encourages students to do their best work and have fun in the process. 


 Students Studying in John Ballantyne 
Students taking advantage of the study spaces available to them in John Ballantyne Residence (left).