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Two Stockton staff members honored for distinguished service to Pacific

Mary Lou Tyler and Pete Bernardino received the 2015 Cavanaugh Distinguished Service Award at the Staff Years of Service Luncheon on May 27.
Jun 4, 2015

The annual Years of Service luncheon on May 27, recognizing those celebrating years of service to Pacific from five to 40 years, also marked the bestowing of the Cavanaugh Distinguished Service Award.  

The Stockton campus community gathered for a beautiful outdoor buffet luncheon on Knoles Lawn to honor nearly 130 staff members for their years of service. Among them, Kaye Mooney, Community Outreach Specialist in the Career Resource Center, and Mike Acosta, Enterprise Application Developer in Pacific Technology, celebrated their 35-year mark. Carole Dillard, Circulation Specialist in the University Library, celebrated 40 years with Pacific. 

The luncheon is also the opportunity to recognize two staff members who have given outstanding service to the University with the Cavanaugh Distinguished Service Award. The annual award, endowed by former Vice President for Business and Finance Pat Cavanaugh and his wife, Janita, recognizes one exempt and one non-exempt staff member each year who are identified for their exceptional accomplishments, leadership, innovation, service to the University community or other areas of excellence. In addition to a plaque and an "A" parking pass for the 2015-16 school year, recipients receive a cash award of $500. The endowment also provides for one staff member from the San Francisco and Sacramento campuses to be recognized each year.

This year's Stockton honorees were Mary Lou Tyler, Academic Advisor in the School of International Studies, and Sergeant Pete Bernardino from Public Safety.  

Pete Bernardino and President Pam EibeckPedro (Pete) Bernardino '14

Pete transferred to University of the Pacific's Public Safety from the Grant Joint Union Police Force in 2001 and was promoted to sergeant in 2003. He earned his bachelor's degree in business administration from Pacific in 2014.

Pete is the daytime supervisor and is in charge of the department's training, special events and dignitary protection details on the University campus. He has facilitated more than 220 special events over the past year, including managing security personnel for the Commencement ceremony, the University's largest annual event.

He is known for his excellent leadership skills, fairness and diplomacy. He supervises four officers and oversees the Field Training Program. He creates opportunities to promote strong relationships between student leaders and Public Safety. He arranges an annual barbeque with student staff and Public Safety Officers to promote good relationships and frequently attends meetings with various student groups. His tactical skills and quick response have resulted in the apprehending of suspects in a number of incidents, and he recently developed a plan to assist the local police department in reducing a problem with transients frequenting the area between the campus and March Lane. He has frequently gone above and beyond to assist individual students and their families through difficult circumstances and always seeks to achieve a win-win outcome. 

Mary Lou Tyler and President Pam EibeckMary Lou Tyler

Mary Lou  began working at Pacific in 1983 and has had several positions across campus. Prior to working in the School of International Studies, she was in the Center for Professional and Continuing Education, where she held positions as Associate Director and Director of Lifelong Learning and Director of Conference Services and Special Events Coordinator. She moved to the School of International Studies in 2001 as an Administrative Coordinator and currently serves as Academic Advisor.

Mary Lou advises all first-year SIS students and all those having academic difficulty, which she does extremely well. She connects students with appropriate resources and continually follows up until the issue is resolved. Her efforts contribute to the school's strong retention and 4-year graduation rate, even with the consideration that all SIS students study abroad. The task requires an understanding of a broad range of requirements, including those of departments outside SIS such as business, history, foreign languages, and political and social sciences. She assists students with study abroad preparation and obtaining academic credits for courses taken abroad.

She has held many leadership positions, most recently taking over the administrative role for the master's in intercultural relations (MAIR) program, which was phased out. She took the lead in streamlining interaction between students and the program's sponsoring organization in Portland, OR, to facilitate a smooth transition. She leads the school's freshman orientation, and has taken a leadership role in the SIS Director's Seminar, which introduces new SIS students to academics and services at Pacific.

She frequently suggests new ideas for improving processes including a recent suggestion for ways to help prospective students afford to come to SIS. She attends classes, contributing valuable insight, and maintains the school's website. She is considered an energetic, thoughtful, exceptionally talented, hard-working and indispensable member of the SIS staff. 

Congratulations and many thanks to Pete and Mary Lou for their accomplishments, collegiality and outstanding service to the University. 

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