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School Opens Office of Academic Success and Instructional Support

May 28, 2015

As director of the Office of Academic Success and Instructional Support (OASIS), William Kehoe, PharmD, MA, FCCP, BCPS, coordinates support services to help pharmacy and health sciences graduate students achieve academic and lifelong career success. Dr. Kehoe was appointed last August after serving as the department chair of pharmacy practice for the past 14 years.

"Our programs are accelerated, increasing not only the academic demands but also stress levels. We need to provide support services that will help Pacific students reach their highest level of success. The OASIS program is designed to do that," said Dr. Kehoe.

The School's OASIS staff works with students to develop personal learning strategies based on individual preferences, time and stress management skills, strategies to improve memory and secure tutors, if needed. In addition, Dr. Kehoe works closely with academic advisors to identify and assist students who may be having difficulties. "I want to encourage all students to feel comfortable about seeking our services. OASIS is not just intended for those with academic problems but for all students who simply want to do better or achieve more," said Dr. Kehoe.

The challenge with any new program is getting students to respond. Through his elective course, Developing Personal Learning Strategies, Dr. Kehoe is hopeful students will recognize the benefits and take advantage of OASIS services. In fact, his course was so popular this semester enrollment was full. Dr. Kehoe also hosts seminars throughout the year where students can learn about OASIS and the services it provides. "I've spoken to others who direct these services and it is a challenge for everyone to get students to come in before problems arise. I must say that to this point I am very happy with where the program is and how students are responding," said Dr. Kehoe.

Dr. Kehoe brings a lot of experience to his position. He is a member of the University's student success committee, which was charged by President Pamela Eibeck to investigate "best practices" in the area of student success and make recommendations on how Pacific can assist students. Dr. Kehoe earned a master's in psychology with an emphasis in behavioral medicine from University of the Pacific in 1995. As part of the program, he completed clinical experiences related to behavior and health, stress management, health psychology, brain function and cognitive psychology.

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