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Pacific undergrads present research at national conference and are awarded summer research fellowships

May 14, 2015

Undergraduate research enables Pacific students to deepen their learning, develop important research and critical thinking skills and prepares them well for future graduate work.

This year, Lydia Fox, director of undergraduate research, accompanied 20 students from a wide variety of disciplines to present their research at the 29th National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR), held at Eastern Washington University, April 16-18. Established in 1987, the NCUR is dedicated to promoting undergraduate research, scholarship, and creative activity in all fields of study.

Vincent DiMassa '15, Biochemistry, presented "Trans-2-(1,2,3-triazolyl)-cyclohexanols as Potential pH-Triggered Molecular Switches"

Armand Matossian '17 and Ben Aguilar '17, Mechanical Engineering, presented "Winglet Analysis"

Cabral Chhuop '16, English/Ethnic Studies, presented "Interconnections and Identity: Gender, Race, and Environmental Justice in My Years of Meats By Ruth L. Ozeki"

Rachel Cherry '15, Self-Designed/Humanities, presented "Displacement: The Environmental, Social, and Political Factors and Solutions"

Adnan Hashtam '15, English/Ethnic Studies, presented "Liberalism and Islam: Homonational Politics in the Heart of Empire" and " Power, Photography, and Capitalism: An Analysis of The Abu Ghraib Prison Torture"

Jimmy Luong '16, Lawrence Ham '15, Tori Duong '16, Alison Kobayashi '15 and Jenirose Mabalot '15, Health, Exercise and Sport Sciences, presented "The gender specific influence of body image on exercise motivation and exercise modality"

Kelina Orozco '15 and Christian Le, Graphic Design, presented "CDC & Ad Council Visual Campaign"

Oscar Chow '15, Graphic Design, presented "School Bullying"

Eeva Nelson '15, History, presented "Women and Work: The Works Progress Administration as an Exceptional Case"

Sukhman Sandhu '15, English/Ethnic Studies, presented "Borders, Confinement, and Limitations: The Culture of Regulation in the Worlds of Wallace Thurman & Gloria Anzaldua"

Xiaoshan (Vida) Bao '16, Biology/Gender Studies, presented "Continuing the Battle of the Sexes: Masculinity, Femininity, and (In)Equality in Professional Tennis"

Tiffanie Tran '16, Solana Tong '15 and Brian Chang '15, Biology, presented "Sexual Dimorphism of the Ostracod"

Pacific Fund Summer Research Fellowships
Pacific Fund grants for summer research fellowships further expand the Pacific learning experience with additional research opportunities for Pacific undergraduates. The Office of Undergraduate Research has awarded the following 2015 Pacific Fund Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships:

David Carranza '16, Pre-pharmacy and Economics, will be working with Michelle Amaral, Associate Professor of Economics, on "The Last Health Insurance Gamble: Who Purchases and Who Should Purchase Long-Term Care Insurance?"

Gitane Chaisson '16, Communications, will be working with Heather Hether, Assistant Professor of Communication, on "Social Media and Organizational Transparency: A Case Study of McDonalds' Customer Engagement Campaign."

Chase Crimmins '18, Bioengineering, will be working with Kirkwood Land, Associate Professor of Biology, on "Environmental Factors Associated with Transmission of Avian Parasite Infections in California."

Betty Lee '17, Pre-Dentistry,  will be working with Marcos Gridi-Papp, Assistant Professor of Biology, on "Ontogeny of Middle Ear Tuning in Tungura Frogs."

Johnson Liu '16, Pre-Pharmacy and Chemistry, will be working with Anthony Dutoi, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, on "Investigations into the Nature of Dimetallic Bonds within Octachloroditechnetate Anions using Computational Methods."

Timothy Shumate '17, Mathematics, will be working with John Mayberry, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, on "Markov Chains and Modeling Statistics for Educational and Analytic Purposes."

Sarah Yung '17, English, will be working with Courtney Lehman, Professor of English and Director of the Humanities Scholars Program, on "From Hanfu to Xiao Qinxin: The Evolution of China's (Middle Class) Fashion."

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