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Benefits news: Hormones effect on vision

May 8, 2015

Vision problems occur for a variety of reasons, but an imbalance of hormone levels could actually be the underlying cause. Hormones regulate important body functions that can affect the eyes, and when they change, so can your vision.

From childhood to old age, everyone experiences hormone fluctuations. As children enter puberty and go through rapid physical growth, their eyeballs also lengthen, which can create myopia or near sightedness. Once hormones stabilize, vision should stabilize as well. Women of child-bearing age commonly have changes in vision due to birth control pills or pregnancy. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can cause dry, irritated or watery eyes, as well as the inability to wear contacts. Doctors recommend pregnant women to wait until after their baby is born to get a new prescription because once the hormones fluctuate, the prescription changes as well.

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