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Noteworthy - May 2015

May 6, 2015

Awards, recognition and service

Dr. Qingwen Dong mentors student

Undergraduate Research Mentor Award

Qingwen Dong professor of Communication in the College of the Pacific has received the 2014-15 Excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentoring Award. The award was established in 2014 to recognize a faculty member for excellence in the mentoring of undergraduate researchers. 
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College of the Pacific

Alison Alkon, Associate Professor and Chair of Sociology, recently won the Thomas J. Long Foundation General Education Fellowship. Awardees are selected based on innovative teaching and demonstrated excellence of instruction in the Pacific Seminars or General Education Breadth Program. Alkon's selection was based largely on the experiential learning work through her Food Culture and Society class during which students do research at the Stockton Farmers Market surveying and interviewing vendors and customers about their food and farming practices. Her paper based on this research, "The Stockton Farmers Market: Racialization and Sustainable Food Systems," was co-authored with Sociology major Dena Vang '14 and is currently under review for publication. Alkon presented the paper at the Pacific Sociology Association conference in Los Angeles.

Qingwen Dong, Professor of Communication, helped organize and complete the National Communication Association (NCA) Learning Outcome project as one of the 24 faculty leaders representing the 8,000-member organization. The last project meeting ended on May 3 in Alexandria, Virginia, wrapping up the two-year-long task. The project generated nine learning outcomes for communication majors across the nation. The study was funded by a grant NCA received from the Lumina Foundation to investigate and discover the intersection of the Degree Qualification Profile and the Tuning process as applied to the discipline of Communication.    

Helene Flohic, Assistant Professor of Physics, was awarded a travel grant by the American Astronomical Society to attend the International Astronomical Union general assembly in August 2015 in Honolulu, Hawaii.   

John Mayberry, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, received the Sport Innovation Award at University of the Pacific's Sport Technology Seminar on April 8 in recognition of his collaborative work with James Graham, Head Coach for men's and women's water polo. Graham and Mayberry also gave a talk at the seminar on their collaboration, "Riding the analytics wave to water polo success."   

Caroline Schroeder, Associate Professor of Religious and Classical Studies, was appointed as a member of the Advisory Board for the Journal of Early Christian Studies effective May 1, 2015.    

School of International Studies

Daniel  O'Neill, assistant professor of  Political Science, was selected Teacher of the Year for the second consecutive year by the students in the School of International Studies. This is an annual award recognized during the school's annual Diploma and Hooding Ceremony on Commencement weekend.  

Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry

Colin Wong '65, Adjunct Professor, received the Decade of Service Award at Alliance for Smiles' 10th Anniversary Gala in San Francisco. As vice president of China relations for Alliance for Smiles, Wong has been on more than 40 trips with the Alliance and continues to build relationships with the patients he has helped. Pacific administrators, students and staff attended the gala to support Wong. Wong is involved in organizing Pacific Dugoni's international student exchange programs and other activities with Chinese dental schools.

Gladys L. Benerd School of Education

Thomas Nelson, Associate Professor of  Curriculum and Instruction, has been appointed to the editorial board of The Journal of Curriculum and Pedagogy, a Taylor and Francis publication dedicated to the study of curriculum theory, educational inquiry and pedagogical praxis.    

Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Donald G. Floriddia '71, Emeritus Professor of Pharmaceutics and Medicinal Chemistry, was awarded the Linwood F. Tice Friend of American Pharmacists Association-Academy of Student Pharmacists (APhA-ASP) award, one of the highest honors presented by APhA-ASP. The award recognizes an individual who has demonstrated service and commitment to students.   

Clifford  Young, Assistant Clinical Professor of Pharmacy Practice and regional coordinator for the Fresno Region, was appointed as a trustee of the California Pharmacy Association and was recognized at the annual CPhA West Coast Pharmacy Exchange.

Thomas J. Long Foundation Pharmacy Faculty Fellowships Announced 
Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences announced the 2015 recipients of the Thomas J. Long Foundation Pharmacy Faculty Fellowships. This award is given annually to pharmacy faculty who have exhibited exceptional teaching, research and service, with an emphasis on teaching. To be eligible, faculty must submit an evaluation of their achievements throughout the previous year and include student and course evaluations as well as a small representation of their work in teaching, research, student mentoring, and service to the University and the profession. This year's recipients are:       

Jason Bandy, PharmD, Assistant Clinical Professor, Pharmacy Practice Department
Veronica Bandy, PharmD, Associate Clinical Professor, Pharmacy Practice Department
Nancy DeGuire, PharmD, Associate Clinical Professor, Pharmacy Practice Department
Suzanne Galal, PharmD, Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice Department
Xin Guo, PhD, Professor, Pharmaceutics & Medicinal Chemistry Department
Kimberly A. Hoffmann, PharmD, Associate Clinical Professor, Pharmacy Practice Department
S. Lena Kang-Birken, PharmD, Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice Department
Audrey Lee, PharmD, Professor, Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice Department
John C. Livesey, PhD, Associate Professor, Physiology & Pharmacology Department
Jenana H. Maker, PharmD, Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice Department
Yong S.K. Moon, PharmD, Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice Department
Kate M. O'Dell, PharmD, Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice Department
Miki S. Park, PhD, Associate Professor, Pharmaceutics & Medicinal Chemistry Department
Rajul A. Patel, PhD, Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice Department
Roshanak Rahimian, PhD, Professor, Physiology & Pharmacology Department
Marcus Ravnan, PharmD, Professor, Pharmacy Practice Department
Edward L. Rogan, PharmD, Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice Department
Wade A. Russu, PhD, Associate Professor, Pharmaceutics & Medicinal Chemistry Department
Allen Shek, PharmD, Professor, Pharmacy Practice Department
David W. Thomas, PhD, Associate Professor, Physiology & Pharmacology Department
James Uchizono, PhD, Professor, Pharmaceutics & Medicinal Chemistry Department
Katerina Venderova, PhD, Assistant Professor, Physiology & Pharmacology Department
Deepti Vyas, PharmD, Assistant Professor, Pharmacy Practice Department
Joseph Woelfel, PharmD, Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice Department

Publications and Presentations  

College of the Pacific

Sage Encyclopedia of Food IssuesKen Albala, Professor of History and Director of Food Studies, was the Elizabeth Chopin Visiting Professor for one week at Webster University in Vienna. He taught classes on food in the 17th century and cooked a Baroque banquet for 40 based on the recipes of Robert May published in 1660. Albala edited the 3-volume The SAGE Encyclopedia of Food Issues, SAGE Publications Inc. (June 2015). With several hundred contributors and nearly a million words, this reference work focuses on social and policy aspects of food production, safety, regulation, labeling, marketing, distribution and consumption. Albala also delivered the keynote address on the perception of Asian cuisines in the West and in America after 1850 at the Culinary Institute of America's Worlds of Flavor Conference on April 22 in Napa.    

Roman Altshuler, visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy, will present the paper "Bootstrapping the Equivocal Afterlife" at the Henry Janssen Memorial Conference in Philosophy on Life and Death: Contemporary Philosophical Perspectives at San Diego State University on May 23-24, and will present "Agency as Diachronically Unified Interpretation" at the conference on Science and Personal Action: Human and Divine at MIT on July 18.  

Jeffrey Becker, Associate Professor of Political Science, was a panel respondent on the subject of his book, "Ambition in America: Political Power and the Collapse of Citizenship by Jeffrey Becker, Author Meets Critics," at the 2015 annual meeting of the Western Political Science Association in Las Vegas, Nevada.  

Andreea Boboc, Associate Professor of English, presented her paper, "Equity and the Legal Person in John Heywood's The Play of the Weather" at the Renaissance Society of America Congress in Berlin, Germany, on March 27.  

Martin Camps Poetry collectionMartín Camps, Associate Professor of Modern Languages and Literature, gave a presentation on the novel El diluvio de Rosaura Albina by Fernando Cueto in the General Consulate of Peru in Los Angeles, invited by Ambassador Liliana Cino. He also presented the paper "An Oasis of Horror in a Desert of Boredom: Roberto Bolaño's 2666" at the World Upside Down Conference by invitation from the Center for the Humanities in UC Merced, April 10-11.  Camps also had the book Petition to NASA to Include a Poet on its Next Mission to Outer Space and Other Poems published in Spanish and English by Observatorio Editorial in Tijuana, Mexico.   

Cynthia Dobbs, Associate Professor of English, presented her paper, "Race, Impasse, and the Cruel Optimism of Citizenship: Claudia Rankine's American Lyrics," at the American Comparative Literature Association Conference in Seattle, Washington, on May 26-29. Dobbs was also co-organizer of the seminar "Breakdown" at the conference.  

Cosana  Eram, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages and Literature, was a discussant in the panel "Literary Networks" and presented the paper "Dadaist Inceptions" at the annual meeting of the American Comparative Literature Association in Seattle, Washington, March 26-29.   

Helene Flohic, Assistant Professor of Physics, had her coauthored paper, "The Stellar Spectral Features of Nearby Galaxies in the Near-Infrared: Tracers of Thermally-Pulsing Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars?" accepted for publication in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.   

Chris Goff, Associate Professor of Mathematics, gave a talk at the CMC3 (California Math Council Community Colleges) conference in South Lake Tahoe on "Euler's multiple solutions to a Diophantine problem." The talk described his work translating the papers of Leonhard Euler (1707-1783) from Latin to English and how Euler used a variety of elementary algebraic techniques to solve and then generalize a problem of ancient Greek origin.  

Jennifer Helgren, Associate Professor of History, published the article "A 'Very Innocent Time': Oral History Narratives, Nostalgia and Girls' Safety in the 1950s and 1960s" in the Oral History Review. Helgren was interviewed about the subject of the article in "Narrating Nostalgia" in the Oxford University Press Blog, OUPBlog.   

Kieran Holland, Associate Professor of Physics, chaired a session at the workshop "Lattice for Beyond the Standard Model Physics," held April 23-25 at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. The session covered numerical simulations of strongly coupled gauge theories, composite Higgs bosons and interacting Dark matter.   

Carolynn Kohn, Associate Professor of Psychology, coauthored two poster presentations presented in May at the 95th Annual Convention of the Western Psychological Association in Las Vegas, Nevada: "College Students Can't Talk the Talk or Pour the Pour," coauthored with  graduate students Katrina Bettencourt '15, Nicole Schultz '14 and Emily Metz '14; and "An Evaluation of Free-pour Training Procedures for College Students," coauthored with graduate students Emily Metz '14, Katrina Bettencourt '15, Molly Hankla '16, Audrey Campbell '16, and Amir Cruz-Khalili '16.  

Alan Lenzi, Associate Professor of Religious and Classical Studies, published the article "The Language of Akkadian Prayers in Ludlul Bel Nemeqi and its Significance within and beyond Mesopotamia," in Mesopotamia in the Ancient World: Impact, Continuities, Parallels (Melammu 7; Münster: Ugarit-Verlag). He also presented a paper on divine beings in ancient Mesopotamia at Otherworldly Beings in the Ancient World, a symposium sponsored by the Antiquities Group at the University of Washington.    

Christopher Ludwig, Assistant Clinical Professor of Health, Exercise and Sport Sciences and Director of the Athletic Training Program, gave the invited presentation "The Concepts and Principles that Guide Us - A Review of our Code of Ethics, and How to Report" at the 2015 Far West Athletic Trainers' Association (National Athletic Trainers' Association - District Eight) Clinical Symposium. Ludwig presented on behalf of the National Athletic Trainings' Association's Committee on Professional Ethics (COPE).  

Rui Ma, visiting lecturer in Modern Languages and Literature, published refereed article "Teaching Academic Vocabulary in Graduate ESL Writing Courses: A Review of Literature and Pedagogical Suggestions" in MEXTESOL Journal: Vol. 39 No. 1, 2015. She also gave the one-hour workshop "Empowering Students with Language Learning Strategies" at the 2015 Annual California Language Teachers' Association in Sacramento in March.

Vyacheslav  Samoshin, Professor of Chemistry, coauthored the article "Capacious and Programmable Multi-Liposomal Carriers," which was published in the journal Nanoscale in collaboration with colleagues from Russia, Germany, Israel and the United States.   

Caroline Schroeder, Associate Professor of Religious and Classical Studies, co-organized the conference Digital Coptic 2: Symposium and Workshop on Digital Humanities and Coptic Studies, hosted by the Coptic Scriptorium at Georgetown University. The conference was funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities. View conference videos>>  

Mark VanNess, Professor of Health, Exercise and Sport Sciences, was invited to speak at a think tank summit on the use of cardiopulmonary exercise testing in myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) on April 17-19. The meeting was organized by the Simmaron foundation and funded by Simmaron, Sierra Internal Medicine and the Parasol foundation in Incline Village Nevada. VanNess gave five short presentations over the three-day meeting on the techniques and methods of interpretation of cardiopulmonary analysis from patients with ME.   

James Wyant, Assistant Professor of Health, Exercise and Sport Sciences, presented his research, "Exploring Pre-Service Physical Education Teacher Technology Use During Student Teaching," on March 19 at the SHAPE America National Convention in Seattle, Washington.    

Xiaojing Zhou, Professor of English, wrote the introduction for the 2015 edition of Yokohama, California by Toshio Mori, which was published by University of Washington Press (April 2015). Originally released in 1949, Yokohama, California is the first published collection of short stories by a Japanese American. 

School of International Studies

Laura Bathurst, Assistant Professor of  Anthropology, contributed two entries, "Power" and "Culture Specific / Culture General," to The SAGE Encyclopedia of Intercultural Competence, published in May 2015 by SAGE Publications Inc.  

Bruce  LaBrack, emeritus Professor of Anthropology, published his article on "Social and Political Lives of Early Sikh Settlers in California: 1897-1946," in Jasbir Singh Mann and Satnam Singh Johal (Eds), Sikh Gadar Lehar (trans: Sikh Revolutionary Movement):1907-1918, published by the Shri Guru Granth Sahib Foundation, April 2015.  

Daniel  O'Neill, Assistant Professor of Political Science, presented his paper, "Chinese Bilateralism vs. ASEAN Multilateralism: China's Divide and Conquer Strategy in the South China Sea" on the Rise of China panel at the Western Political Science Association Annual Meeting in Las Vegas in early April. O'Neill also served as the chair and discussant for the Politics and Society in China panel.     

Conservatory of Music

Robert Coburn, Professor of Composition and Music Theory, had his composition, "Kaze no Yume" (Dream of the Wind), featured in a performance on April 24 at the Sonorities Festival 2015 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The Sonorities Festival, sponsored by the Sonic Arts Research Centre at Queen's University, is recognized as Northern Ireland's premier festival of digital and contemporary music, digital arts, sound art, video and installation art.   

James Haffner, Professor of Opera, has been named an Artistic Associate with the Great Lakes Michael Chekhov Consortium. A certified teacher in the Michael Chekhov acting technique, he was invited to present his research on how the technique is applied to the training of opera singers at the 2015 National Opera Association conference last January. Haffner also presented a series of master classes and workshops throughout the year, including at Stanford University, the North Central Michigan College Shakespeare Intensive and the Bay View Theatre Institute.   

Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry

Maureen Harrington, Director of Grant Operations and Community Education, co-presented with Yogita Thakur, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Pediatric Dentistry, "Oral Health Improvement through Home Visitors" to the San Mateo County Public Health Department and their various home visitors including the Nurse Family Partnership, Black Infant Home Visitors and 0-3 Home Visitors.   

Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry hosted an American Association for Dental Research San Francisco Section event on April 14 to showcase the scientific endeavors of students, residents, faculty and staff from Pacific Dugoni and UCSF School of Dentistry. Researchers had a chance to share their work, network and learn about exciting advancements taking place at both schools.

McGeorge School of Law

Michael  MalloyMichael Malloy, Distinguished Professor of Law, hosted the second Annual Conference on Business, Law and Economics (BLE Conference) at the Athens Institute for Education and Research in Athens, Greece, May 4-5. He also chaired a session on Measurement and Methodology, dealing with a range of multidisciplinary research issues. Papers approved by a peer-review process will be edited by Malloy and published as part of the Institute's publication series.   

Global Symposium draws experts from around the world
Inspired by Professor John Sprankling's new book, The International Law of Property (Oxford 2014), the 2015 Pacific McGeorge Global Symposium on March 6 brought together experts from around the world to discuss the impact of an emerging international right to property in a variety of contexts. Pacific McGeorge Professor Rachael Salcido organized the symposium. McGeorge faculty participants included Dean Frances J. Mootz III, Global Center Co-Director Jarrod Wong, Professors John Sims, Mike Mireles, Raquel Aldana and Stephen McCaffrey, as well as alumnus José Hernández '85, former NASA Astronaut and Pacific Regent.
Read full story and view photo slideshow>>
Videos of the symposium panels and the Q&A with Prof. Sprankling are now available to view online>>

Gladys L. Benerd School of Education

Thomas Nelson, Associate Professor of Curriculum and Instruction, served in a leadership role at the 70th Anniversary of the California Council on Teacher Education Conference in San Jose by presenting the introduction for the conference keynote speaker, moderating a session on the future of teacher education in California with a panel of past Council presidents, and leading a three-hour session featuring emerging scholars in teacher education from around the state.   

Robert Oprandy, Professor of Curriculum and Instruction, co-led a 4-hour, sold-out pre-convention Institute, "Observation, Coaching and Supervision for Teacher Growth," at the International Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) Convention on March 25 in Toronto, Ontario.   

Eberhardt School of Business

Peter Hilsenrath, Joseph M. Long Chair of Healthcare Management and Professor of Economics, had his article "Price-Transparency and Cost Accounting: Challenges for Health Care Organizations in the Consumer-Driven Era," coauthored with Cynthia Eakin, Associate Dean for Academic Programs and Associate Professor of Accounting, and Katrina Fischer of Stanford University, published in Inquiry: The Journal of Health Care Organization, Provision and Financing.  

Chris Sablynski, Associate Professor of Management, presented the poster  "Let's Make A Deal: Idiosyncratic Deals and Job Embeddedness," coauthored with colleagues from San Francisco State University, at the 95th Annual Convention of the Western Psychological Association, held April 30 - May 3 in Las Vegas, Nevada. He also chaired the session and presented the paper "Focused Retention Efforts: Age Differences in Job Embeddedness," coauthored with Chris Wright of San Francisco State and Lynne Takagaki '14.   

Organizations in TimeDaniel Wadhwani, Associate Professor of Management and Fletcher Jones Professor of Entrepreneurship, gave a series of lectures to faculty and Ph.D. students at Kyoto University's Graduate School of Economics. The lectures were based on his recent co-edited book, Organizations in Time: History, Theory, Methods, published by Oxford University Press (May 2015). Wadhwani also gave a keynote address at a conference on the history of academic entrepreneurship at University of Ghent in Belgium.     

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