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Generation University

Learning + Development is partnering with Invati Consulting to offer the Generation University Program at Pacific.  This foundational training program will progressively increase all employees' generational collaboration capability by converting commonly shared stereotypes on generations into actionable workplace strategies, with emphasis on understanding the Generation Y/Millennial Generation.

Interested in the program?  Contact Learning + Development at or at 209-946-2097.

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Generation University

  • Overview 

    Generation University is a new generation-focused "blended" learning program. This learning experience is comprised of online and in-person collaboration sessions delivered over an 8 week program cycle. This unique program increases employee's generational collaboration capability and converts commonly shared views of the different generations (Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials) into actionable workplace strategies with an emphasis on the Generation Y/Millennial Generation.

    This blended training program consists of 4 Online Courses that students will take independently and 4 In-Person Collaboration Sessions with a facilitator where all participants discuss the most recent online course taken. During the Collaboration Sessions, activities will be held which will put the online material you learned to practice.

  • Learning Objectives 

    Generation University begins with a fundamental understanding of the different generations, then shares effective, collaborative workplace strategies, and finally culminates with a demonstrative certificate in Multi-Generation Work. By the end of this program, you will be able to:

    • Engage in a common language for talking to and about different generations
    • Have increased comfort when working with different generations
    • Drive a cultural change for the University, allowing staff to develop student relationships that enable the goal of "Academic Success"
    • Have the ability to handle conflict and motivation across generations better
    • Build positive working relationships that spread across organization
  • Who Should Attend 
    • Any Pacific employee that is interested in improving their ability to work with diverse teams composed of different generations (Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials) and who are interested in increasing their knowledge of the multi-generational workplace.
    • Any Pacific student employee who would like to develop their professional skills for the future workplace.
  • Registration 

    All participants interested in Generation University are encouraged to submit an application form by [Friday, June 19th].

    Program Fees: 

    The cost of the program is waived for Pacific employees as Pacific Learning + Development absorbs the costs for this pilot program which is valued at $300 per participant.


    A confirmation will be emailed to you prior to the Infosession taking place on Tuesday, June 30th.

    Time commitment: 

    Generation University is an 8 week blended learning program.

    • 4 - Online Courses = 2hrs each, 2 x per month
    • 4 - In-Person Collaboration Sessions = 1hr each, 2 x per month

    This program allows for flexible pacing with different learning tracks that can suit each individual. The In-Person Collaboration Sessions are spaced out two weeks apart to allow a generous amount of time for participants to complete online coursework and assignments prior to the group sessions. Participants have the option to complete online sessions on their own and in a timeframe that suits their schedules as well as take advantage of optional lab sessions that offer time to complete online sessions in a distraction free setting. If you prefer to complete the online courses away from your work station, Learning+Development will offer these optional lab sessions in the training room.

    If there are further questions about registration, please contact Pacific Learning + Development at (209) 946-2097 or e-mail,