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Social media interns unearth plaques on campus—and a bit of Pacific history

Apr 21, 2015

Pacific's social media interns have embarked on a campaign this spring to unearth the commemorative plaques around campus and share some of the history they contain with our Instagram audience.

Working from an Excel spreadsheet that listed the plaques and their location, intern Gitaine Chaisson '16 started her expedition.

What she has uncovered is being posted on the University's Instagram account. Along with a picture, she's including a little description and historical fact from her discovery.

"I've been posting plaques on the University's Instagram to share how simple it is to learn about Pacific. Since I have been focusing so much on plaques, they stand out to me more. I have stopped to read a plaque without knowing it and learned a little information about Pacific," she said.

If you come across a plaque, post it to Instagram and tag it with #PacificPlaque.

Follow universityofthepacific on Instagram as we uncover more Pacific history.

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