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Water conservation efforts at Pacific underway; input sought from campuses for long-term solutions

New email address,, will accept suggestions, questions and comments on ways to reduce water use at Pacific
Apr 21, 2015

As part of Pacific's plan to meet--and exceed--the water reduction target set in the Governor's recent executive order, the University is soliciting input to help shape the next phase of conservation efforts on its campuses.

"As California struggles with this historic drought, it is important that Pacific not only do its part but that we also set an example for our students, our community and our region," said President Pamela A. Eibeck. "This is the first step in rethinking how we use water at Pacific, and I am eager to hear ideas on how we can accomplish that goal."

President Eibeck has appointed a committee to review water conservation options and make recommendations to her. The committee is chaired by Vice President for Business and Finance Ken Mullen and includes Patrick Day, vice president for student life; Mary Lou Lackey, vice president and secretary to the Board of Regents; Rich Rojo, associate vice president for communications; Laura Rademacher, professor in Geological and Environmental Sciences; Shanna Eller, director of sustainability; Roberta Martoza, director of enterprise risk management; and Jared Gaynor, executive coordinator of special projects, analysis and communications.

The committee is welcoming input from the University community and has established an email address,, where people can weigh in on longer-term solutions for conservation at Pacific. Meanwhile, with summer coming soon, the committee is already considering options such as reductions in lawn irrigation and replacement of some lawns with drought-tolerant plants. 

The Governor's mandate was announced April 1 and calls for a statewide reduction of water use by 25 percent. Local water supply agencies set the specific amount of reduction for each city or region. Cal Water, the University's supplier, has ordered a 20 percent reduction in potable water use at Pacific based on its use in 2013.

Pacific has already decreased its water use by 14 percent from 2013 to 2014 and work continues even while a comprehensive plan is being developed. All bathroom and kitchen sink aerators have been replaced-- more than 1,500-- with low-flow fixtures.  Shower heads in the residence halls are also being replaced, and low-flow toilets will be coming next.   

See a list of the water conservation improvements over the past nine years at Pacific here.

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