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NTT Task Force Update

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The Provost has appointed a Non-Tenure Track Faculty (NTT) Task Force to review policies related to NTT faculty. In May, the NTT Task Force will recommend a timeline for improvements in practices and changes to Pacific policies relating to NTT faculty to the Provost. The work of the Task Force will continue through the summer.

The Task Force will be seeking input from all faculty members about issues concerning status (including voting rights, contract terms, and academic freedom) and titles for NTT faculty. The first area the Task Force has undertaken is to clarify titles and categories of NTT faculty. Titles are inconsistent across the units and schools. The Task Force plans to make recommendations to the Provost before the end of the semester so that all units across the University will have a similar language when providing titles to NTT faculty. These recommendations will be discussed more broadly in the fall. 

All units of the University are represented on the NTT Task Force, but any questions or concerns about the work of the Task Force may be directed to the chair, Mary-Beth Moylan, at the law school.