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Office of the President
University of the Pacific
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton, CA 95211

SSC Membership 2015-2016

Please contact any SSC member directly with questions or concerns.  Members include:

Elisa Anders, Associate Dean of Students, Student Life

Anita Bautista, Executive Director, SUCCESS

Torry Brouillard, Executive Director, Housing and Greek Llife

Rhonda Bryant, Associate Vice President/Dean of Students, Student Life

Linda Buckley, Chair, Associate Vice President, Planning and Institutional Research

Chris Cannon, Student

Bing Cao, Institutional Research Analyst, Planning and Institutional Research

Marilyn Draheim, Associate Professor, Benerd School of Education

Cynthia Eakin, Associate Professor, Eberhardt School of Business

Lynn Fox, Director, Financial Aid

Gesine Gerhard, Associate Dean and Director of General Education, COP

Ann Gillen, University Registrar

Ryan Griffith, Director, International Programs and Services

Marcia Hernandez, Associate Dean, COP - Sociology

Andrea Herrera, Student

Cyd Jenefsky, Vice Provost for Strategy and Education, Office of the Provost

Gregg Jongeward, Senior Associate Dean, COP

Peggy Kay, Executive Director EIS, Pacific Technology

Bill Kehoe, Professor, Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Jonathan Latta, Assistant Dean, Conservatory of Music

Joel Lohr, Dean of Religious Life, Morris Chapel

Mary Anne Lower, Associate Director and Collections Manager, Student Loans

Gary Martin, Professor and Assistant Dean, School of Engineering and Computer Science

Lou Matz, Assistant Provost, Academic Affairs, Office of the Provost

Mary McGuire, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, McGeorge Law School

Claudia Morain, Director of Communications, Office of Marketing and Communications

Mike Rogers, Director, Planning and Institutional Research

Greg Shin, Student

Keith Smith, Associate Professor, COP

J. Michael Thompson, Vice Provost, Enrollment Management, Office of Enrollment

Holly Trexler, Associate Athletic Director, Athletics

Sasha Zaroyan, Student