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FMLA & Other Leave Information

Leave Forms and Notices

If a staff member is absent due to an illness or injury for more than seven (7) calendar days, Human Resources must be notified and short‐term disability forms must be completed. Staff members may not return to work without first providing Human Resources with proof of medical clearance.

State Disability Insurance / Paid Family Leave Insurance

California state law requires employees to participate in either a State Disability and Paid Family Leave Insurance or a Voluntary Short-Term Disability (VSDI) and Paid Family Leave Insurance (PFLI) and pay the cost.

Costs and How It Works     

California State Disability Plan will pay upto 60% of missed wages up to the maximum weekly benefit.  A 7-day waiting period applies.  

Paid Family Leave Insurance provides income (up to six weeks within any 12-month period) to employees who take time off work to care for their seriously ill child, spouse, parent, or to bond with a new child. Paid Family Leave Insurance benefits will be paid up to the maximum weekly benefit. Employees who are on  disability or receiving Workers' Compensation benefits are not eligible to receive the Paid Family Leave Insurance benefit. 

How to File State Disability or Paid Family Leave Claim

University of the Pacific understands the importance of income protection for you and your family.  If you are unable to work due to a disabling illness or injury, caring for a qualified family member who is unable to work or bonding with a new child, you may qualify for wage replacement from the California State Disability Insurance (SDI) program.  

STEP 1: (As soon as possible)

  • Notify your supervisor and your Human Resources Department of your need.
  • Always follow your department's sick call in procedures.  (Please provide the dates you anticipate being gone, but you do not need to discuss private health information.)

STEP 2: (Within 30 days of your initial absence)

  • To file a disability claim online visit SDI Online at to register for an SDI Online account and create a username and password.  
  • Login to SDI Online to File a New Claim
  • Select File a New Claim under the Main Menu on your home page
  • Select either Disability Insurance Paid Family Leave Care or Paid Family Leave Bonding depending on the reason for you leave
  • Follow the steps on each section to fill out the form
  • Select Submit to send the completed SDI Online Part A - to the EDD
  • On the confirmation page, be sure to write down the Form Receipt Number.  To expedite your disability plan payments you will provide this number to the physician/practitioner (does not apply to Bonding Leave).

STEP 3:   (Within 15 days of reporting your absence to EDD)

  • Submit any additional documentation required by EDD.  Depending on the type of claim you are filing this may include: medical certification from your physician/practitioner, proof of birth, proof of relationship, and statement of care.
  • It is your responsibility to have the physician/practitioner complete and sign the form and submit it to the EDD within 49 days from the date your leave begins or you may lose benefits.