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Qualifying Life Events

The one thing you can always count on in life is change. You get married. Have a baby or move to a new house. Your spouse goes back to work. Whatever the events in your life, certain changes can affect your Pacific Benefits. 

Once you are enrolled, you must wait until the next Open Enrollment to change your benefits or add or remove coverage for dependents, unless you have a qualified life event as defined by the IRS. Documentation of a qualified life event will be required in order for you to change your benefits. Also, you may only make changes to your benefits that are consistent with the qualified life event itself.

Review the adobe Qualified Life Events Chart to see if your event allows you to make changes to your benefits.

Any coverage changes must be made within 31 days of the qualified life event by submitting your benefit changes within 31 days of the qualifying life event. Please visit to make your benefit changes. The change will be made effective the 1st day of the following month except for medical coverage for newborns or newly adopted children which begin on the date of birth or adoption. The change(s) you request must be consistent with IRS guidelines.

If you do not make coverage changes within 31 days of the qualified life event, you must wait until the next Open Enrollment period. 

Qualified Benefit Change? Please visit to enroll or waive benefits.