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Continuing Benefits

Making a change in employment is a big decision. Here is some helpful information regarding benefits that you may want to consider. See the adobe Staff or Faculty Handbook for more information concerning retiree benefits.

When Coverage Ends

Your Medical/Vision and Dental coverage will end on the last day of the month you terminate employment, retire or become ineligible for benefits (i.e., go from a full-time to temp-casual status). However, your Life and Long-Term Disability coverage's end on the day of the above mentioned events. The opportunity to continue or convert coverage varies by plan. You have 60 days from the date on your COBRA election packet or from the loss of coverage date, whichever is later, to select coverage through COBRA. For more information about continuation options for the individual voluntary benefits including Life Insurance, Long-Term Disability and Long-Term Care Insurance, contact Liberty Mutual directly at 1.888.787.2129.

Retiree Enrollment Form

COBRA and Retiree Rates


Retiree Health Insurance Eligibility

Employees who voluntarily end employment at age 55 or older with at least 10 years of eligible service are eligible, along with their eligible dependents, to continue medical (includes vision and prescription coverage) and/or dental coverage by paying 100% of Pacific group coverage rates. If eligible for retiree benefits you will be provided enrollment forms and additional information.

Under age 65 Benefits

Retiree's under age 65 and/or their under age 65 dependents may continue medical benefits under their current plan. Please click on the links below for the plan summaries:

        Pacific Plans

        Kaiser Plans

Age 65 or Older

Pacific is pleased to offer 2 Medicare supplement style plans: Kaiser Permanente Senior Advantage and Pacific Medicare Supplement PPO.  Note that these health plans are designed with Medicare parts A & B and D included as components of the plan. The U.S. Government site for Medicare has more information about how to enroll in Medicare parts A and B. If you currently are in a Kaiser Plan you can continue through the end of the year in the Kaiser Permanente Senior Advantage Plan and make elections to change if you wish at open enrollment. If you are participating in a Pacific plan you can continue through the end of the year and make elections to change if you wish at open enrollment.

        Pacific Plan

        Kaiser Plan

Dental Coverage

Retirees can enjoy continued participation in the Delta Dental plans.  If you would like to elect dental coverage please select your coverage on the Retiree Rate Sheet. Please click on the links below for the plan brochures:


Retirees who are over age 65 and/or have a dependent age 65 or older at the time retiree coverage begins are required to have Medicare part A and B. The Blue Cross Medicare Rx (PDP) with Senior Rx Plus or Kaiser Permanente Senior Advantage Enrollment Forms must be completed for each person over 65 covered under the plan. Coverage begins the 1st of the month following end of employee coverage; as long as the application has been signed and dated prior to employee end of coverage date. A Request for Employment Information needs to be submitted to the Social Security Administration along with your Application for Medicare Part B; contact Human Resources for this request.   


Mail your completed enrollment forms, rate sheet and first month's premiums (including a $2 administrative fee) to Delta Health Systems, PO Box 1147, Stockton, CA 95201. Make all checks payable to Delta Health Systems. If you are electing the Kaiser Permanente Senior Advantage Plan, you must mail the Group Election Request Form to the address provided on the form and send a copy to Delta Health Systems. Please mail the forms 45 calendar days prior to the beginning of retiree coverage to ensure adequate processing time. Retirees have 31 days to elect retiree coverage after their active employee coverage ends (participants over age 65 may be subject to additional premiums if they do not submit their completed applications to Delta Health Systems and have them accepted by Medicare before the beginning of their first month of retiree coverage).  

Delta Health Systems offers a direct debit payment option for your monthly retiree premium. If you would like to opt for direct debit payments please complete the form titled Pacific Direct Debit Form_new enrollees and mail to the address on the form. As noted above, send your first payment to Delta Health Systems, PO Box 1147, Stockton, CA 95201 in order to begin coverage.

University of the Pacific Retirement accounts

Employees are vested 100% for all employee and employer contributions to the University of the Pacific Retirement Plan. Contact TIAA at 1-800-842-2776 for distribution options and opportunities.

Social Security

Social Security pays benefits based on what you earned before retirement. You should receive a Social Security Statement each year that gives you an estimate of how much your benefit will be and when you can receive it. For more information, visit the external Social Security Administration's Web site or call 1.800.772.1213.


Even an exciting change like a new job or retirement can bring unwanted stress. When planning, remember that the Pacific Employee Assistance Program can be a resource for employees and their dependents. It provides FREE and Confidential help for all kinds of situations. You can contact them at any time and any issue at 1.866.695.6327 , or visit their external website.

Life and Disability Coverage Continuation

Lincoln Financial

Should you wish to convert your coverage, contact Human Resources at 209.946.2124 or email for coverage information. Human Resources will provide necessary information to contact Lincoln Financial for conversion rates once your employment ends.

UNUM Voluntary Whole Life and Accident

Your coverage is portable, which means you can take your policy with you if you leave the University. An UNUM representative can give you detailed information on porting the plan and costs during. Contact UNUM at 1-800-635-5597.

Enjoying Retirement

Make the most of your retirement by keeping active and healthy!
Get Fit and Stay Healthy- external Kaiser Permanente as well as external Delta Health Systems both offer programs and information to help you get fit and stay healthy. If you're a member take advantage of them now and after you retire. Great information is also available at the external AARP and external Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) websites.

Learn More -The Osher Lifetime Learning Institute (OLLI) program is open to all adults (50+) from the community who enjoy attending and participating in exciting, interesting and educationally stimulating programs. Previous association with the University is not required.

Keep in Touch- external  is a private online community sponsored by TIAA where participants can share ideas and seek guidance to help bring visions of retirement to life.
Give Back- Find volunteer opportunities close to you at external Volunteer Match  or external California Volunteers.

Questions Regarding Insurance?

Delta Health Systems' Retiree Administration is available to assist. Please call 888.212.1231, then press *, then option 2 when you are prompted to enter the ID number or press * to enter the social security number. Please ask for Retiree Administration for University of the Pacific.

Email email Employee Benefits for information regarding beginning your retiree benefits.