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Pacific in the Press | University, nation mourns Eddie LeBaron '50

Apr 7, 2015

Here are examples of how University of the Pacific was represented in the news media in recent days:


New York Times
Eddie LeBaron, a Star in the N.F.L. at 5-Foot-7, Dies at 85
April 2, 2015
Eddie LeBaron, an undersize quarterback who was a college Hall of Famer, became a Marine Corps hero during the Korean War and then played in the National Football League for 11 seasons, died on Wednesday in Stockton, Calif. He was 85. His death was confirmed by the University of the Pacific, where he led the football team to an undefeated season in 1949.
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Washington Post
Eddie LeBaron, the diminutive 'Little General' of 1950s Redskins, dies at 85
April 2, 2015
Eddie LeBaron entered the College of the Pacific in Stockton (now the University of the Pacific) in 1946, when he was 16. His coach in his freshman year was 84-year-old Amos Alonzo Stagg, who had helped develop football in the 19th century.
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Eddie LeBaron dies at 85; Pro Bowl QB played for 'Boys, 'Skins
April 1, 2015
"Here's to the greatest Tiger of them all," said Athletics Director Ted Leland.
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More LeBaron coverage

Chronicle of Higher Education
Food for Thought
(Item in "People" column)
March 23, 2015
University of the Pacific is launching a Food Studies program in San Francisco. "It's the largest industry in the country, bigger than steel and autos," said founding director Ken Albala, professor of history. And there are a lot of jobs where people are looking for someone who actually knows about food."
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San Joaquin Magazine
Wonder Women of San Joaquin
April 2015
Jennifer Torres Siders, community relations director, is one of seven San Joaquin women singled out by this magazine for their lasting contributions to the region.
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National Public Radio "The Salt" blog
How Snobbery Helped Take the Spice out of European Cooking
March 26, 2015
Hints of the older, medieval way of cooking still remain in Western cuisine. "Think of a barbecue sauce - very medieval," says Ken Albala, professor of history, in that it's sweet and sour, and full of an array of spices and flavorings. "We do like contrasting flavors."
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The Los Angeles Times
Judge rules religious school within its rights to dismiss 2 teachers
March 29, 2015
Leslie Jacobs, professor of law, explained why a court upheld a religious school's decision to fire two teachers who refused to have a pastor vouch for their church attendance and faith. "There is an exception in the federal Constitution for religious employees who qualify as ministers," she said.
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Lodi News-Sentinel
On Easter weekend, some wonder ... what would Jesus eat?
April 3, 2015
Jesus and his followers were traveling during his ministry and were often invited to eat in other people's homes, said Caroline T. Schroeder, associate professor in the Department of Religious and Classical Studies.
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Good Day Sacramento
UOP Rugby heading to Nationals
April 3, 2015
The club team, which started in 1908, is heading to the finals for the first time in its history. A Good Day Sacramento reporter drove down to join in a scrum with the team.
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Capital Public Radio
Drexel Classes and Professors Could Have New Home At McGeorge School of Law
March 26, 2015
University of the Pacific is in talks with Drexel University to allow Drexel students to finish their degrees on UOP's Sacramento campus.  Once Drexel students have completed their degrees, some classes could be offered to Pacific students if UOP continues the Drexel programs.
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The Record
Eggman launches Young Legislators Program
March 29, 2015
Assemblywoman Susan Talamantes Eggman, D-Stockton, has announced the launch of The Young Legislators Program to acquaint high school seniors in the 13th Assembly District with the workings of government and the legislative process. Rex Frazier, adjunct professor of law, commented: "It's just incredibly important to provide real-world experiences for people considering careers in public policy."
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The Record
Chicano Week celebration takes an ugly turn
April 4, 2015
Members of MEChA de Pacific, a Chicano cultural student group, told The Record that they felt hurt and disrespected by a word spray-painted on the spirit rock early last week. The word, "Wolfenstein," was painted over the word "MEChA." "Wolfenstein" is apparently a video game in which Nazis are killed. Patrick Day, vice president for student life, joined MEChA students and others to repaint the rock. The Bias Response team is looking into the incident and will develop programming specific to the incident.
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The Record
Cheers: Moscone papers to Pacific
March 30, 2015
"Anytime you can get the papers of someone who played such a large role in California politics, it's quite a coup," said Keith Smith, associate professor of political science.
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CBS Sacramento
Court Ruling on Out-of-Control Children Worries California Parents
April 2, 2015
A new court of appeals ruling says the state can now remove an out-of-control child from parents' custody, even if the mother and father are not to blame for the behavior. "The decision does not give the state free rein to intervene in families when children have a tantrum at the grocery store," said John Myers, professor of law. "This decision is aimed at those who have demonstrated a chronic set of behaviors that are genuinely dangerous."
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Colleges being asked to cut back on water
April 2, 2015
"We're glad the state has taken this big response," said Rich Rojo, associate vice president for communications. He said the university will cut back on water use.
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