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Update on Anthem cyber attack and Pacific employee resources relating to identity theft

Apr 2, 2015

University of the Pacific was notified on January 29, 2015, that one of our insurance providers, Anthem Inc., was victimized in a massive cyber attack. As a result of this attack, both current and former members of Anthem insurance plans may have had their personal information compromised. While Pacific was made aware of the attack, we do not expect to receive any further detailed confirmation on which members of our community are affected.

The Pacific Community is encouraged to check Anthem's official website about the breach,, for the latest information available. Many of the most frequently asked questions have already been answered at Anthem also has opened a toll-free hotline to address your concerns personally at (877) 263-7995.


Anthem has partnered with AllClear ID, a leading and trusted identity protection provider, to offer 24 months of identity theft repair and credit monitoring services to current and former members of affected Anthem plans dating back to 2004.

If you believe that your identity has been compromised, AllClear ID is ready and standing by to assist you with your identity repair needs. For additional protection, and at no cost to you, you may also enroll in AllClear PRO at any time during the 24-month coverage period. This additional service includes credit monitoring and an identity theft insurance policy. Please enroll at or by calling toll free at (877) 263-7995.


Be wary of unusual emails and/or phone calls directed to you or your family members requesting any account authentication or other highly personal information. Remember that they may have quite a bit of accurate personal information which may make their requests seem legitimate. As a precaution, find out which business and department is calling and then politely end the call and contact the business and department on their publicly posted phone lines to confirm that the requests are legitimate.


Pacific has free resources for benefit-eligible employees through the Assist America Program which will provide assistance and support if you have become a victim of identity theft, as well as a system to stop identity theft before it happens.

Contact Assist America at (877) 409-9597 for more information.

  • Pacific membership ID:  01-AA-SUL-100101
  • Pacific group number:  99945-780

To proactively protect your credit cards, go to and be sure to use access code 18327.

Pacific's eCommerce Compliance Officer recommends all community members access, and carefully review, their three free credit reports each year as provided for by law. The Federal Trade Commission has established the website as the only FTC-authorized free source for ordering these reports.


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