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SHAPE Peer Educators

SHAPE - Student Health and Peer Education

Complete an application on Tiger Jobs! We have work study and non work study positions available at five hours per week.

Purpose: Members of the SHAPE team play a key role in bridging the gap between Pacific students to Health and Wellness resources available on campus

Role: Paid role to promote and model a wellness centered life through inspiring student participation and engagement in wellness activities

  • Be a positive role model within housing community
  • Well-versed in Wellness Resources available to students
  • Increase student engagement and participation at wellness events
  • Support RA's and house staff with up-to-date health education materials

Characteristics of a SHAPE Team Member:

  • Enthusiasm about health and wellness
  • Advocate for striving towards a healthier lifestyle
  • Good communication, motivational, and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to discuss and handle sensitive situations and topics

Benefits to becoming a SHAPE Team Member:

  • Great resume builder
  • Paid position
  • Peer, professional, and cross-campus relationships
  • Build your networking and management skills within the wellness sector
  • Hands-on experience in assisting PacWell