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Awards announced for SEED funding for 2014-15

Mar 23, 2015

The Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) has selected seven projects to receive Strategic Educational Excellence Development (SEED) funding from the Strategic Investment Fund (SIF) for 2014-15. For this academic year, the SPC determined that priority would be given to proposals focused on improving student success.

Projects were selected through a competitive RFP process from a pool of 33 proposals submitted from administrative and academic programs across the university. The funds can be spent over a period of two years.  

Total funding allocated for projects selected amounted to $328,598. The remaining $171,402 will be rolled over into next year's available funds.  

The following SEED proposals were recommended for funding:  

Business Success Center - Funding for this program will be used to provide regular tutoring in business courses that students have found most challenging, particularly BUS 31 and BUS 33.   

California Bar Prep - Funds for this program will be used to hire an experienced consultant to conduct a comprehensive review of McGeorge School of Law's existing academic program and to provide specific bar preparation for targeted students who are taking the bar for the first time, with a goal of improving the first-time pass rates for the Bar exam.   

COP Summer Success Program - Funds for this program will be used to implement a summer course in writing for students with remedial needs in this area. Students participating in the course will take five units, which will include four units of Academic Writing Intensive and one unit of Academic Skills for Success.  

Training on Students with Disabilities - Funding will provide the resources to offer faculty training and support, establish collaborative partnerships and support networks across the three campuses and promote positive attitudes towards students with disabilities.  

Patient Simulation Mannequins - Funds will be used to purchase and maintain High Fidelity Simulation Mannequins, which are integrated with computer software to mimic real patient responses.  The mannequins will allow students from Health Exercise and Sport Sciences, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, and Speech-Language Pathology to learn through the interprofessional approach, a collaborative approach that draws upon the skills and knowledge of different disciplines to deliver patients a comprehensive plan of care.               

Language Literacy Center - Funds will be used to establish the Language-Literacy Center, where speech-language pathology students will assess individuals 5-17 years of age for written language disorders. The program meets an urgent need to provide written language assessment and therapy to improve literacy and bridges academic instruction with practical application in a supervised clinical setting.  

3-Cities Disability Services - Funds for this project will be used to provide extensive consultation for the development of a process for Pacific to incorporate Services for Student with Disabilities into a three-campus model that meets all compliance requirements for federal and state laws, provides equal access to all students, and fosters and maintains a student-centered learning experience.   

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