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Call for Nominations - Excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentoring Award - DUE MARCH 17, 2015

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The purpose of this award is to recognize a faculty member for excellence in the mentoring of undergraduate researchers. The recipient must be a tenured, or tenure-track faculty member for whom the mentoring of undergraduate researchers has been a significant activity. 

Criteria for the Award:

Evidence of excellence in mentoring Pacific undergraduates in research may include the following activities:

  • their research efforts, as part of regularly scheduled classes or undergraduate research credits, summer research, etc.
  • their preparation for conference presentations (including PURCC) or research publications; or
  • their application for grants to support research activity.

Nomination materials (Self-nomination will be accepted):

  • Nomination letter highlighting nominee's success in mentoring undergraduate researchers (1 page maximum) 
  • Nominee's philosophy of undergraduate research mentoring (1 page maximum).
  • Summary of nominee's record regarding the mentoring of undergraduates' research activities (3 pages maximum). This summary should include:
    • A list of undergraduate research mentees and project titles (the list should be representative, not comprehensive), and
    • Any other leadership activities promoting undergraduate research.
  • Letters of support from current or former mentees (up to three, 1-page maximum each).

Recognition: $2000 for professional development

Nomination Deadline:  17 March 2015

Please send your nomination package to Lydia Fox, Director of Undergraduate Research.