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New Summer Session Faculty Compensation Policy

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Last spring Pacific's Faculty Compensation Committee (FCC) began a conversation with the Provost regarding Pacific's policies and procedures for faculty compensation during the summer academic term. The FCC requested review of our current policy and creation of a more equitable compensation policy for future summer terms.

A draft compensation policy was created based upon comparative analysis of peer and aspirant institution summer compensation policies, equitability and fairness, the desire to have a uniform University policy and financial considerations. Consultations with the FCC, College Chairs and Directors,  Academic Council, Division of Business and Finance, and other stakeholders resulted in modifications to the proposed draft policy. These modifications included allowing faculty members who teach in summer to be compensated up to 3/9ths of their academic year salary as well as a sliding scale for compensation for faculty members who take additional students in highly enrolled courses. On average this new policy reflects an approximately 11% increase in compensation for a minimally enrolled summer course.

The President approved the compensation policy in February.

On February 17th the Provost released Pacific's new Summer Session Faculty Compensation Policy to the Academic Division. A copy of the new policy may be viewed HERE. This policy applies to faculty on 9-month or shorter appointments.