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Classroom Building 106
Larry Langley
Department Chair
3601 Pacific Avenue
Stockton CA 95211

Success After Pacific

The Department of Mathematics is proud of the hundreds of living alumni who have their degree in Mathematics from University of the Pacific. Take a look at where some of them have taken their Mathematics degrees since they graduated from Pacific.

Alicia Still '13

Student Programs Specialist

Mathematics alumna Alicia StillAlicia Still majored in Mathematics and is currently living in Oakland, where she works at a California State University. She is a Student Programs Specialist for a student support program, Student Affairs. For her job, she coordinates programs and events for first generation, low income, and minority freshmen. Regarding what she loves most about her job, Alicia says, "If I had to choose, the best thing is that I'm positively impacting students' lives-- helping them achieve their goals and improve their lives. I also enjoy being able to work with staff & faculty from all different departments, and that it is a good balance of office work and crazy event execution."

To students who are considering studying mathematics at Pacific, Alicia says, "To put it simply: DO IT. I would not be where I am today without Pacific's Math Department. The faculty are so supportive, encouraging, and inspirationally intelligent. They sincerely care about their students. The small class sizes are ideal for focusing during those challenging courses (I'm looking at you, Real Analysis). You will build lifelong connections with the faculty and your fellow students. Once you do start school here, make it a point to be involved in the department and in Math Club."

As for her favorite memory from Pacific, Alicia admits, "Oh gosh, I can't choose just one. There's no way. From the Math Club hosting a Mathemagician event, to helping co-found Pacific's Annual High School Math Competition, to working Freshmen Orientation as a Student Advisor, to seeing my family, friends, and professors' faces beaming with pride as I walked across the stage at graduation-- the whole four years were filled with memories that will forever be close to my heart." 

Mathematics can be applied to just about any career and, Alicia says, "At Pacific, you will build a strong educational foundation that can lead you anywhere. Math majors don't have to be teachers/professors or actuaries! The limit of where you take your math degree is simply as far as you're willing to dream."

Zack Zlotoff '13

Project Manager for Data Science Team

Mathematics alumnus Zack ZlotoffA double major in Applied Mathematics and Economics, Zack Zlotoff is now working at an online advertising company as a project manager for their data science team. "There are so much data available that we need to be able to predict," Zack says. This includes information such as, how much the company will pay to get a user to the website, if one user is worth more or less for using different search phrases, if they should pay more if a user is in a certain location, what time of day users are most likely to have meaningful visits (like filling out an application, signing up for an email list), and if they want to focus more on attracting users that are searching on their phone or desktop computer. As for his favorite part about his job, Zack says, "As an applied math major, my favorite part is slicing data to find the stories behind what is happening in a client's account. However, I also like that I'm able to utilize a number of different skills and work with many different teams. I regularly work on projects with a number of different clients from marketing managers to data analysts to CMOs, CEOs, and more, both internally and externally with clients.  With each relationship, you get to learn more about different people view the same thing and how different communication styles can resonate better with different clients and coworkers."

To students who are interested in studying mathematics, Zack advises them, "Pacific is a great place to make close and lifelong connections with not only friends, but also with professors. Professors genuinely care about their students and do whatever they can to help a student achieve their goals. Pacific also has a lot of extracurriculars, sports, and other fun things happening around campus!"

Some of his favorite memories from his time at Pacific revolves around the relationships he built. But, he adds, "The best memories are the simple daily things you don't really think about - joking around in the dorms, sitting in the lair for hours, studying in the library, early mornings at the pool with my teammates. I still maintain those close connections today."

Colin Virshup '12

Masters Student

Mathematics alumnus Colin Virshup

A 2012 graduate, Colin Virshup majored in Applied Mathematics and is now located in Portland, Oregon. He is currently a masters student so that he can receive his teaching credentials. Regarding his line of work, Colin says that his favorite part is being able to help students.

To students who are considering studying mathematics at Pacific, Colin says that deciding what you want to study ahead of time can be very beneficial to your academic life. As the majors at Pacific are very diverse and wide-reaching, it will be easier to focus your attention if you know what kind of occupation you want to go into. 

As for his favorite memories from Pacific, Colin says that he enjoyed his time as the Vice President of the Math Club on-campus. He also credits his time at Pacific for making the great friends he has now. 

After graduating Pacific, I entered a graduate program in mathematics at Cal State East Bay and interviewed for a teaching associate position. After the interview, the professor said he really liked my style of teaching because it was exploratory and it lent itself for students to develop the skills needed to logically work through problems. I was given the position and want to express my gratitude to the professors at Pacific for setting an example as exceptional educators! The time that they dedicated to my education helped me learn a great deal inside the classroom as well as outside the class during office hours.

                                                                                                           - Andria Barraza, class of 2012. 

This past summer, I received an internship with the Department of Defense as a direct result of my pursuit of a math degree on top of my computer science degree. The government considered many computer science students to fill the internship position, but my math background was what put me a head above the rest and allowed me to receive such an amazing opportunity. During my internship, I spent more time studying linear algebra than I did programming, and my math degree was invaluable during this process.
                                                                                                           - Michael Ongaro, class of 2013