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Spring hazardous chemical clean-up

For faculty and researchers who use hazardous chemicals in the course of their work
Feb 17, 2015

Pacific's Department of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) will be providing resources in the collection and disposal of unused and no longer needed hazardous chemicals during the spring semester.

The effort is targeted at stored materials that may not be captured in the routine hazardous materials handling procedures. The program will cover 100% of the costs and is aimed at reducing the stores of old and unused hazardous chemicals.

If you have old or unused hazardous chemicals that you have not and don't intend to use, please contact Sean McNally by Monday, Mar. 9, to arrange for disposal. EHS encourages all applicable units to take advantage of this opportunity to properly dispose of this material in a cost effective manner.

If you have additional questions regarding the collection effort, please call or email Sean McNally at Environmental Health and Safety at 209.946.2908 or

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