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Benefits news from VSP: Combat computer vision syndrome

Feb 3, 2015

Maybe your job requires hours of work at a computer. Maybe you like to spend your free time surfin' the Net.  Whatever the reason, your body is feeling the effects of spending too much time staring at the screen. Symptoms are tired eyes, headaches, and neck pain. Luckily, help is on the way.

Here are six simple steps you can take to help minimize the impact of Computer Vision Syndrome:

1.       Keep Blinking - it washes your eyes in naturally therapeutic tears.
2.       Remember 20-20-20 - every 20 minutes, spend 20 seconds looking at something 20 fee away
3.       Get the right light - position your computer screen to reduce reflections, keep your desk lamp shining at your desk not you, and keep bright overhead lights to a minimum.
4.       Monitor your monitor - keep your monitor at least 20 inches from your eyes.
5.       Wear those computer specs - doctors can prescribe glasses just for seeing a computer screen.
6.       Talk to your doctor  - continue to have your annual vision exam by your VSP doctor.

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