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Our social media interns, clockwise from top left: Sabrina Serrano, Katherine Swanson, Gitaine Chaisson, Jared Chernila

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Meet our social media interns

These four COP students will be taking charge of the university's social media accounts and sharing Pacific pride.
Feb 1, 2015

It's a new year, and time for a new addition to the Office of Marketing and Communications team. The new Integrated Marketing and Social Media Internship, offered through the Department of Communication and advised by Prof. Heather Hether, is designed to introduce students to the everyday projects in the Office of Marketing and Communications, while encouraging them to represent the student voice through social media.

This semester, the interns have a choice of executing social media campaigns proposed by the Office of Marketing and Communications or creating their own. In addition to the campaigns, the interns will also post daily to the University's Twitter and Instagram platforms, help compile a directory of all University social media accounts, and organize the University's iTunesU profile.

Without further ado, let's meet this semester's interns:  

Jared Chernila is a senior Communication student. Since he started his major, his interest has grown regarding the process of storyboarding, editing, and directing. When he graduates from Pacific in May, he wants to work in advertising in San Francisco. From this internship, he hopes to devote time to lengthy campaigns and see them through to their successful completion.  This semester, Jared plans to execute a social media campaign for the Alumni Awards.  

Katherine Swanson is a junior Communication student. The growing influence of social media and her natural affinity for observing human social interactions led her to choose Communication as her major. After she graduates, Katherine hopes to pursue a career in public relations, specifically focusing on campaign planning. From this internship she hopes to learn the best ways to communicate with different key audiences, how to work with different social media platforms, and ultimately help the Office of Marketing and Communications with their projects. So far this semester, Katherine is planning a social media campaign focused on heart health and Valentine's Day, and she will assist in building the University's new social media directory.  

Sabrina Serrano is a sophomore Communication student. While Sabrina originally planned to pursue a different course of study, a communication class with Dr. Ray changed her mind, and she promptly changed her major. After graduation, she wants to work in public relations with a focus on sports, fitness and wellness. From this internship she wants to learn more about publicity and campaign management, and to practice utilizing social media to reach a variety of audiences and stimulate engagement. She wants to familiarize herself with a professional environment where everyone works together to achieve a common goal. Sabrina will be leading a Throwback Thursday (#tbt) campaign on social media to showcase Pacific's history.  

Finally, let me introduce you to: me. My name is Gitaine Chaisson and I am a junior Communication student with a French minor. Two years ago I wanted to be a news anchor, but that soon changed when I got my first taste of the public relations field. I am very interested in strategic campaign planning, brand messaging, and representing an institution. After I graduate I want to work in-house with an institution, but I will let my opportunities take me anywhere. From this internship I want to learn more about professional public relations and what I can expect when I work with an institution. So far this semester, I will execute two social media campaigns. Pacific Pooches will highlight the dogs seen around our campus and Pacific Plaques will focus on the history found within the plaques on campus.  

You can follow our journey through this internship by following the University on Twitter and Instagram. We will be posting daily, and the majority of our campaigns will be executed on these platforms.