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Benefits news from VSP: Fashion eyewear to flatter your features

Jan 15, 2015

First impressions are all about putting your best face forward.  But with endless eyewear options, it can be overwhelming to know which styles look best on you.  Learn how to determine your face shape and which frames flatter your features to help you look your best.

The first step is to find your face shape.  Start by pulling your hair back and looking in the mirror. Is your face round, square, heart or oval?

Round faces are proportional in length and width, and are characterized by soft curves, few angles and a round jaw line.  Best frames - angular or geometric frames will add balance and definition to softer features.

Square faces are usually proportional in length and width, characterized by a broad forehead, strong jaw line and squared chin.  Best frames - Round or oval frames with upward curves at the temples to soften sharp features.

Heart-shaped faces look like an inverted triangle, characterized by a wide forehead, higher cheekbones and a narrow jaw line.  Best frames - choose round or oval frames with upward curves to add balance to your features and add width below your eyeline.

Oval faces are usually longer than they are wide, characterized by a chin that is slightly narrower than the forehead with rounded jaw line.  Best frames - wider frames with strong top lines will help your face appear shorter and broader, but because your face shape is suited for just about any frame, don't feel confined by any particular style.

For more information on best styles of eye wear for you, go to!

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