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Joint Committee to Review Shared Governance issues Statement of Mutual Values

Jan 12, 2015

Statement of Mutual Values
University of the Pacific    

The joint Regent, administration, and faculty Ad Hoc Committee to Review Shared Governance has been charged by Kathy Janssen, Board of Regents Chair, to identify actions that could improve the effectiveness of Pacific's shared governance. Specifically, the Committee will review current policies and practices of shared governance and make recommendations that clarify the roles and responsibilities in the decision making process and ensure that process for consultation are clear and routinely followed by all responsible parties.  

As a committee and as individuals, we recognize the importance of ensuring that the wisdom gained from past successes, challenges and failures is recognized and allowed to shape future endeavors.  We also recognize that in order to move forward together, we must make a commitment to shared values that contribute to developing, maintaining, and/or strengthening mutual trust.   

The University of the Pacific Regents, Administrators, and Faculty make a pledge to support the following values as we move forward with an evolving culture of shared governance:  

  • Transparency in our agendas, actions, and outcomes
  • Open and inclusive communication
  • Respect for one another's commitment, perspective, and action
  • Commitment to the concept that shared governance is a system of open communication aimed at aligning priorities, creating a culture of shared responsibility and accountability for the welfare of the institution, and creating a system of checks and balances to ensure the institution stays mission-centered.

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