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Access benefit plan policy info on-the-go with new mobile card

Access your benefit plan policy details and contact information while on-the-go! Simply follow the instructions below to download our free mobile benefits contact card.
Jan 8, 2015

In addition to each carrier's contact information, you will find                    

  • group ID numbers, effective 1/1/15
  • quick access to the Benefit Resource Center (BRC)                                                    
  • important plan documents
  • links to carrier sites
  • how to share abilities so your dependents can download the card too!

The app automatically refreshes as the plan is periodically updated, and when it renews at the end of the term.   

Instructions: There are two ways to add the mobile benefits card to your smart phone.  QR Code for USI Mobile Benefits App

For iPhone users:  

  1. To save the card directly from the QR code pictured here, open up the Passbook application and tap "scan code" in the top right corner.
  2. Send yourself a text message by going to  in your web browser, typing in your phone number and clicking the "send to my phone" button. The card will open automatically in the Passbook application where you can tap "add" in the top right corner to save it.                                                                                                                                                                         

For Android and Blackberry users:  

  1. Download the PassWallet application from your Google Play store to scan the QR code directly into the app. If prompted, allow any additional software to be downloaded. The card will be saved and stored in the PassWallet app
  2. Send yourself a text message by going to in your web browser to display a preview where you can "open in PassWallet" or download PassWallet."   NOTE: make sure to keep the "auto updates" switch turned on so any changes to the mobile contact card can be transferred to your phone.      

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