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    Office of Marketing and Communications
    Hand Hall
    Second and Third Floors

    Social Media Guidelines

    Below are general Office of Marketing and Communications guidelines for social media use by members of the Pacific community, followed by specific guidelines for the following groups:

    • Administrators of official social media channels that speak for the university
    • Administrators of registered student organizations, and
    • Individuals using personal social media accounts

    General guidelines

    Profile Photo: The "P" graphic is reserved for social media accounts administered by the Office of Marketing and Communications.

    Pacific seal: The seal should not be used as an identity element on social media sites.

    Naming: Refer to the university as "University of the Pacific" or "Pacific." "UOP" is not an authorized variation on the university's name.

    Hashtags: Use the general hashtag #UOPacific where appropriate.

    The Office of Marketing and Communications reserves the right to review and approve profile photos and graphic and identity elements of any university-affiliated site.

    Groups that are not officially connected to the university may not use Pacific logos or wordmarks on their social media sites. This includes student organizations that are not recognized by the Office of Student Life.

    Members of the Pacific community are expected to act with honesty, integrity and respect for the rights, privileges, privacy and property of others when using social media.

    Official social media accounts

    An official social media account is one that is authorized to speak for the university or one of its units. The head of the campus unit or the Associate Vice President for University Communications grants authorization.

    Official social media accounts should clearly identify themselves as University of the Pacific accounts, and be included in the university's social media directory. To list an account in the directory, complete the social media directory form.

    Official accounts are expected to represent the university in a responsible manner at all times. Official accounts should avoid promoting commercial interests or partisan political interests. Consult your supervisor or the Office of Marketing and Communications for guidance.

    User names and passwords should be available to key staff in your unit.

    Individual programs, departments, schools, colleges or other units are free to develop their own more specific guidelines regarding use of official social media accounts, as long as those guidelines don't conflict with university policies or guidelines.

    Registered student organizations

    Social media accounts that represent registered student organizations should be included in the university's social media directory. To list an account in the directory, complete the social media directory form.

    User names and passwords should be available to an advisor or other college administrative staff member, or an advisor or administrative staff member should be made an administrator on social media accounts of recognized student organizations.

    Recognized student organizations are important ambassadors of the university and are expected to represent Pacific responsibly in all of their activities and communications, including social media.

    Personal accounts

    Each of us is responsible for what we post on our personal accounts and on the accounts of others. Our reputations are best served when we make ethical and career-conscious choices about how we use social media.

    We should be cognizant that if we identify ourselves as members of the Pacific community on our personal accounts, our posts and images reflect on the institution.