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Academic Affairs

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University Honors Program

Dr. Susan Weiner, Fellowship Advisor and University Honors Program faculty member, has been appointed Director of the University Honors Program for the 2014-15 academic year. Dr. Weiner will lead the current honors program during its phase out period and continue to serve as the Fellowship Advisor.
The revised University Honors Program will consist of a residential hall-based Freshman Honors Program, which will continue in fall 2014, and upper-level School/Program-based honors programs, which are planned to take effect in fall 2015. The planned revision, which has the general support of undergraduate school faculty and deans, will be formally reviewed at the March 6th Academic Affairs Committee meeting. 

The internal search for the new Freshman Honors Program Director position is now underway. The position announcement can be found here.  A description of the revised honors program can be found here.  Applications for the Freshman Honors Program Director are due on March 7, 2014.  Please submit applications, and any questions, to Lou Matz.  

Excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentoring Award

To recognize a faculty member for excellence in the mentoring of undergraduate researchers.The recipient must be a tenured, or tenure-track faculty member for whom the mentoring of undergraduate researchers has been a significant activity. 

Criteria for the Award:
Evidence of excellence in mentoring Pacific undergraduates in research may include the following activities:

  • their research efforts, as part of regularly scheduled classes or undergraduate research credits, summer research, etc.
  • their preparation for conference presentations (including PURCC) or research publications; or
  • their application for grants to support research activity.

Nomination materials:

  • Nomination letter highlighting nominee's success in mentoring undergraduate researchers (1 page maximum) -self-nominations will be accepted
  • Nominee's philosophy of undergraduate research mentoring (1 page maximum).
  • Summary of nominee's record regarding the mentoring of undergraduates' research activities (3 pages maximum). This summary should include:
    • A list of undergraduate research mentees and project titles (the list should be representative, not comprehensive), and
    • Any other leadership activities promoting undergraduate research.
  • Letters of support from current or former mentees (up to three, 1-page maximum each).

Recognition: $2000 for professional development,Nomination Deadline:  March 7, 2014

Send nomination package to Lydia Fox, Director of Undergraduate Research.