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Update from the Office of Enrollment Management

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February 2014

After a breathtaking fall semester where we saw application numbers at unbelievably low levels, we are greatly appreciative of all that has been done across Academic Affairs and the University as a whole to support our target enrollment goals. To that end, we are showing application numbers very close to where we expected them to be given many changes in our outreach and processes this year. At this time we have 14,299 application for undergraduate freshmen and 768 for transfer students. This is about 31% down from last year for freshmen and  25% below for the transfer population. As hoped we are seeing a greater percentage of the students who have applied and who have completed their applications (67%); and of the completed applications 5,895 freshmen have been admitted (compared with 7,318 last year) and 122 transfer students have been admitted (compared with 26 last year). Furthermore, the number of Freshman students who have responded favorably to our offer of admission (65 this year and  47 last year) has increased.  In other areas: 

Programs/ Unit 2013 2014
Law School 1099 720
DDS 3016 2800
PharmD 1485 1335
Grad 1254 1350

  Coming soon will be our on and off campus receptions for admitted students. Admission events: On Campus Yield Event for Admitted Students- Profile Day and Off Campus Spring Yield Reception for Admitted Students. We are very excited about the opportunity to bring faculty, staff, students, alumni and parents to these events.  Our prospective students and their families enjoy hearing from all of them much more than hearing from the admissions team, and we are grateful that so many will be able to take time to assist in this effort. You will see increasing numbers of students touring the campus due to high school spring breaks across the state and the country. Wave and say hello to the tour guides; families love to see the Pacific spirit of "professors who know your name" in action. Fabulous students have been here to interview for our scholars programs (Powell, Humanities and Legal) and have expressed sincere appreciation for the attention they have received during their visits. Thanks to all faculty, staff and students who have participated in these events.