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WASC Interim Report 2015

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Interim Report 2015 

After our WASC EER visit in Spring 2012, where the University's accreditation was reaffirmed, the Commission identified areas for further attention and commission review. The three areas were:

  • Strengthening systems of assessment and program review
  • Enhancing student success and diversity
  • Establishing faculty workload guidelines

The full action letter is available online. WASC has requested an Interim Report in Spring 2015 to report on progress of these areas. The Provost has identified a task force to facilitate the writing of the report.  There has been much progress made in all of these areas, leadership has been identified in each. Assessment and program review, lead writers and contributors are Ken Mullen and Jon Schamber (Institutional Effectiveness Committee), Eileen McFall and Eric Boyce (Assessment Working Group). The section on enhancing student success and diversity will be led by Lou Matz, Joanna Royce-Davis and Marcia Hernandez.  Caroline Cox has been tasked with workload review.  There will be sections of work coming forward to appropriate committees later this spring and in the fall with a goal of having a draft report for the university community to review and comment in late 2014 or very early 2015.