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New 'One Stop Shop' for Faculty Research

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Bhaskar Jasti, Associate Provost for Research  

Improved Coordinated Support for External Funding for Scholarship

The Academic Division and University Development have partnered to provide a "one stop shop" to support faculty seeking external funds for scholarship/creative activities. The Provost and VP Atterbury worked with Bhaskar Jasti and Scott Biederman to integrate and improve support services for faculty in the preparation and submission of proposals to government, corporations and foundations. Additionally, the Academic Division has committed to hiring a senior grant writer whose primary responsibility is to assist in the preparation and submission of multi-disciplinary proposals. This individual will identify funding opportunities and facilitate the coordination of multi-disciplinary faculty teams for idea generation, as well as ensure that necessary components are in place for a strong proposal and submission.. A secondary responsibility is to assist faculty in preparing single investigator submissions, particularly, but not exclusively in the liberal arts. This position is funded for 3 years, after which the ROI will be evaluated.