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Progress on development of Pacific's Academic Plan

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As part of the Academic Planning and Alignment process, faculty in different parts of the University initiated some exciting conversations to collaborate across disciplines: to redesign current programs, build new interdisciplinary programs, provide new internship opportunities for students, and create joint scholarship projects. In their reflections, the Council of Deans realized that these discussions could be framed as part of a larger trend of "Crossing Boundaries for Academic Excellence" and would thereby serve as a driving image for the next phase of the academic planning process as we continue to implement Pacific 2020. We will build on the good work already being done, especially across the past few years. 

"Crossing boundaries for academic excellence" recommits us to our integrative educational mission. We will build upon Pacific's existing academic strengths and values as a foundation for new avenues of program development and to attract new types of learners to benefit from "the Pacific experience". The academic plan will be used to set Pacific's academic priorities for the next 3-5 years, focus our collective efforts and resources to enable our success, and will guide decisions about where we will invest new resources as we implement Pacific 2020. The plan will be completed by March 2015. It will then guide the development of a university-wide enrollment plan. Deans have begun to engage unit faculty in conversations to understand what we're already doing to advance this vision and new kinds of initiatives we might undertake. In the spirit of this vision, the Provost Office will also host this fall a series of cross-unit conversations to explore ways we could "cross boundaries for academic excellence." Updates will be provided as the planning process unfolds. Stay tuned for these exciting conversations that will shape the future of Pacific's academic excellence.