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California propositions media sources

Oct 15, 2014

The following University of the Pacific faculty members are available to comment on topics related to California propositions and the election process:

California Initiative Review, initiative process
Mary-Beth Moylan, a professor of law and director of the Global Lawyering Skills Program at Pacific McGeorge School of Law, each election year has students in her California Initiative Seminar analyze propositions and publish a nonpartisan initiatives summary. Moylan frequently comments in the media on California's initiative process, election process and Constitution. This year's student-produced California Initiative Review  is available at Contact: Mary-Beth Moylan, 916.739.7223,

Proposition 45: Insurance commissioner must OK health insurer rate hikes
Peter Hilsenrath, the Joseph M. Long Chair of Healthcare Management at University of the Pacific, teaches courses in health insurance, international health systems and economics in the health sector. He is also a professor of economics. He has been quoted in local, national and international press on a wide range of health care economics issues. Contact: Keith Michaud, 209.946.3275,

Proposition 47: The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act
Michael Vitiello, a Distinguished Professor of Law and director of the Center for Advocacy and Dispute Resolution at Pacific McGeorge School of Law, is available to talk about sentencing reform and drug laws as they relate to the neighborhood and school safety. Vitiello is a nationally recognized expert on criminal law, particularly on sentencing reform and legal issues arising from marijuana legalization. He has been active in the campaign to reform California's Three Strikes Law and the state's sentencing laws. He helped establish the Loyola Death Penalty Resource Center, a federally funded institute, during his time as a professor at Loyola University Law School in New Orleans. He has written articles and textbooks on criminal law and is widely cited by scholars around the country. Contact: Michael Vitiello, 916.739.7323,

Ambition in American politics, legal philosophy
Jeffrey Becker, associate professor of political science at University of the Pacific, is the author of "Ambition in America: Political Power and the Collapse of Citizenship." He has been quoted and interviewed in the media about what it takes to succeed in American politics and how voters feel about it. He is available to speak on these and other topics leading up to the November election. Contact: Jeffrey Becker, 209.946.3986,

U.S political process, campaigns, elections
Keith Smith, assistant professor of political science at University of the Pacific, is available to talk about the election process, political campaigns and other topics surrounding the election. He is the author of a white paper on 2010's Proposition 14, which fundamentally changed primary elections from selecting party nominees to determining candidates. Contact:, 209.946.7712

Media contact:
Keith Michaud | 209.946.3275 (Office) | 209.470.3206 (Cell) |

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