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Custom Studies

CBPR conducts custom studies for public, private, and non-profit clients, including economic impact reports, cluster studies, market research, program evaluations, and other economic and policy analysis, to meet clients' needs. Some of these reports can be found on the client organization's webpages or published in other locations. Contact the Center's Director or Associate Director to discuss contract opportunities.

Past CBPR clients for contract research reports include the California Department of Transportation, California State Teachers Retirement System (CalSTRS), the Port of Stockton, Union Pacific Railroad, the Great Valley Center, and the University of the Pacific.


In October 2016, the Center for Business and Policy Research released an economic impact study of a legal cannabis sector in the Sacramento area for Truth Enterprises Inc. The study evaluated a range of scenarios should Proposition 64 be approved by voters in November.  Among the scenarios for a possible legal cannabis industry in the Sacramento region, the analysis considered: a restricted scenario with tight local regulations and weak investment; a local scenario where the industry primarily serves regional demand only; and a cluster scenario with regulations favorable to the industry and strong cannabis entrepreneurs. The results show a large difference among scenarios, illustrating distinct opportunities for the Sacramento area economy.

The economic impact study did not look at the possible effects a legal cannabis industry would have on health care, mental health and criminal justice systems. Nor does the study take a position on Proposition 64.