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Center for Business and Policy Research
Eberhardt School of Business
Jeffrey Michael, PhD - Exec. Director
Thomas Pogue, PhD - Assoc. Dir.
Sacramento Office: 916.340.6084
Stockton Office: 209.946.2913

Water Resources & Environment

The Center has published several special reports on economic and policy issues surrounding California's water resources and the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. The largest of these studies was the Economic Sustainability Plan for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta completed for the Delta Protection Commission.  Some of the most cited reports are the Benefit-Cost Analysis of the Delta Water Conveyance Tunnels and the Employment Impacts of the 2009 drought. In addition, the Director of the Center frequently writes about water and Delta issues on the Valley Economy Blog


August 2016 Benefit-Cost Analysis of The California WaterFix


December 2013

Review of the Bay Delta Conservation Plan Statewide Economic Impact Report

September 2013

Comparing Benefit and Cost Estimates for the Delta Water Tunnels

July 2012

Benefit-Cost Analysis of Delta Water Conveyance Tunnels

June 2012

Benefit-Cost Analysis of Delta Water Conveyance Tunnels: June 14, 2012 Draft

February 2012

Delta Protection Commission Economic Sustainability Plan for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta 

June 2011

Facts About Water and Jobs

November 2010

Economic Impact of Sacramento Wastewater Treatment Plant Tentative Permit

September 2010

A Retrospective Estimate of the Economic Impacts of Reduced Water Supplies to the San Joaquin Valley in 2009

August 2010

Advanced Wastewater Treatment for Nutrient Reduction: Impact on Sacramento Income and Employment

April 2010

Employment Impacts of Salmon Fishery Closure

December 2009

Employment Impacts of Reduced Water Supplies to San Joaquin Valley Agriculture

August 2009

Unemployment in the San Joaquin Valley in 2009: Fish or Foreclosure?

December 2008

The Economics of Ending Delta Water Exports Versus the Peripheral Canal: Checking the Data of the PPIC