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Community Engagement

2015 United Way campaign exceeds all goals!

Dec 5, 2014

A few months ago, we set out on a journey to raise money for the University's annual United Way campaign. We set a fundraising goal of $110,000 and a participation goal of 35% of our employees. I am incredibly excited and privileged to report that, as of Dec. 5, 2014, at 11:07 a.m., we have more than exceeded both our fundraising and participation goals with $112,579.79 in donations from 468 employees. 

Congratulations to all who worked so hard to make this possible. To all the unit coordinators and everyone who participated with a gift of any size, a great big "THANK YOU!!" We did it! The Pacific family stepped up to the plate and hit a home run, and we can each feel proud. 

University of the Pacific is more than just an institution of higher learning. It is more than just students, staff, faculty and beautiful grounds. It is a place where people want to — and do — make a positive difference in all things great and small — people who care. Your gifts will go a long way to provide those people less fortunate with a much-needed hand up. Your gifts are going to help brighten the day for a small child. Your gifts may help a mom learn to read, so she will know what a blessing it is to read a story to a child. Your gifts will go a long way to make Stockton and San Joaquin County a better place to live and work.

As promised, for those who donated to the campaign, you will be invited to congratulatory Pizza Lunch Party.  You will be notified as soon as the date time and place are scheduled. And, if anyone still wants to turn in a donation, we will gladly accept it with joy and include you in the Pizza Lunch. 

Go Tigers!  Hurray United Way!

Steve Whyte, University Events Manager
United Way Campaign Coordinator

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