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Geological and Environmental Sciences
Laura Rademacher
Department Chair
Pacific Geosciences Center
1051 West Mendocino Ave
Stockton, CA 95211

Past and Present

With classes in in Geology offered at University of the Pacific since the 1850s, Geological and Environmental Sciences have always played a integral role in the education of generations of Pacific students. We look back at the faculty who helped shape our past, and those who continue to mould our future.

Geological & Environmental Science Faculty, Past & Present

Prof. Thoburn
Prof. W. W. Thoburn
Prof. Neal
Prof. Roland Neal
Prof. Jonte
Prof. J. H. Jonte
Prof. Waldo
Prof. Allen Waldo
Prof. Stitch
Prof. James H. Stitch
Prof. Evans
Prof. W. Vincent Evans
Prof. Balsey
Prof. James Balsey
Prof. Blick
Prof. James B. Blick
Prof. Volbrecht
Prof. Stanley G. Volbrecht
Prof. McMillin
Prof. F. A. McMillin
Prof. Clayburn
Prof. Ansel B. Clayburn
Prof. Burnett
Prof. Roger Barnett
Prof. Adler
Prof. Alan Adler
Prof. Cummings
Prof. Michael Cummings
Prof. Cramer
Prof. Curtis Cramer
Prof. Eugene Pearson
Prof. Lydia Fox
Prof. Tanja Williamson
Prof. Laura Rademacher
Prof. Kurtis Burmeister
Dr Bork
Prof. Karrigan Börk