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Career Paths

Geological and Environmental scientists investigate Earth's mysteries while promoting a clean environment, reducing the impact of natural disasters and providing resources for modern life. Many of our graduates continue their education in top-tier graduate schools or pursue successful and lucrative careers in a wide range of fields, including government, geotechnical or environmental consulting, law, medicine and public policy.

Geological and environmental scientists travel widely and work in urban and rural environments studying earthquakes, landslides and floods. Some geological and environmental scientists search for energy and mineral resources, while others teach in graduate schools, community colleges and universities. As research scientists, they work to further our understandings of the dynamic planet around us.

Is it worth it? The data bears it out: Geological and Environmental Science is one of the most valuable degrees offered at Pacific.

  • The Washington Post lists Geology among college majors that are least likely to lead to underemployment, second only to Mathematics.
  • SCIENCE & American Association for the Advancement of Science call Geological and Environmental Science one of 3 "Can't-Miss Science Career Tracks."
  • Forbes lists Geological and Environmental Science-related tracks as 3 of the 15 most valuable college degrees.
  • US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects more than 20% growth in Geological and Environmental Science careers in the coming years.
  • There has been zero underemployment amongst Geologists with MS degrees since 1984, and most graduate programs in Geology are essentially free to students.
  • Earth and Environmental scientists are employable and extremely competitive candidates for a variety of graduate programs, including law, medical, MBA and public policy programs.

Explore each major concentration to discover career opportunities that our alumni have pursued and the possibilities available to students in each field.