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Center for Business and Policy Research
Eberhardt School of Business
Jeffrey Michael, PhD - Exec. Director
Thomas Pogue, PhD - Assoc. Dir.
Sacramento Office: 916.340.6084
Stockton Office: 209.946.2913

In the Media

The Center for Business and Policy Research (CBPR) is led by Dr. Jeffrey Michael, a well-known economist with expertise in regional growth and environmental issues, who is frequently quoted in the local, state, and national press on current economic and policy issues. See below for links to recent media coverage of the Center and news including commentary from Dr. Michael.

See "Pacific in the Press" for most of CBPR's recent media appearances.

March 2018

A study by Jeff Michael, executive director of Pacific's Center for Business and Policy Research, was mentioned in this story about the California WaterFix, or Delta tunnels, project. Read

February 2018

The Center for Business and Policy Research was cited in this piece about the cost of retirement benefits for public employees and its effect on taxpayers. State and local government employment will grow by just 0.5 percent over the next several years, according to the center's October 2017 California and Metro Forecast. Read 

In this article, CBPR's Dr. Jeff Michael provides the context in this story about innovation in agriculture. He told The Record that workers immigrating to the United States may find opportunities outside of farm labor, because of the low unemployment rate and a move to more mechanization in agriculture. Read 

Dr. Michael was quoted in this story about the need for traditional retailers to be more innovative in order to compete. Read

Jeff Michael was named to Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs' Task Force on Affordable and Workforce Housing, which is charged with finding solutions and making recommendations on the city's housing shortage. Read

Dr. Jeff Michael commented in this story about a state study that finds the California WaterFix, or Delta tunnels, the project provides more benefits than costs. That finding clashes with Michael's 2016 analysis that had found the tunnels would cost $8 billion to $10 billion more than the benefits. "It's strictly an analysis of return on investment to water contractors," Michael told The Record of the state's study. "It's framing the question incredibly narrowly against a speculative baseline in order to generate a positive number." Read 

This news article highlights Manteca's State of the City event that will take place Feb. 28. CBPR's Dr. Thomas Pogue will be in attendance to present an economic outlook for the general regional including Manteca.

Jeff Michael provided background and context for this story about the Central Valley's economy and the rate of economic recovery in the Fresno area since the Great Recession. Read

January 2018

In this radio interview for KQED's The California Report, Dr. Michael provided context for a story about the impact of the state minimum wage on business owners and their employees. Read

Jeff Michael was cited in this commentary about a court decision that keeps the South San Joaquin Irrigation District from seizing 112 square miles of Pacific Gas and Electric's electrical distribution system. Had SSJID done that, it would have sold power to 100,000 customers at 15 percent below what PG and E had been selling it, which would "be significant economic development benefits to the region," Michael wrote. Read

In this California Public Radio article, Dr. Michael was quoted about the state's unemployment rate, which hit a record low 4.3 percent in December. Read

Jeff Michael of Pacific's Center for Business and Policy Research was a presenter at the annual San Joaquin County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Business Forecast Conference held again this year at the DeRosa University Center on the Stockton Campus.

December 2017

Dr. Michael provided context and background for this story about the rise in Stockton's real estate market from a low point near the end of the Great Recession. Read 

In this Sacramento Bee article, Dr. Michael commented about the 3.7 percent unemployment rate in Sacramento and the rest of the state. He called it "remarkable" and noted that warehouse employment had become one of the fastest-growing parts of the Sacramento economy. "It's the Amazon effect," he told the Bee. Read 

Dr. Michael comments in this story about job growth in the Bay Area. Read 

Jeff Michael provided insight into this story on the Republican tax bill to the Sacramento Bee. Michael commented on the uncertainty of how corporations will react as Republicans acknowledged that no one knows if the tax cuts will produce enough economic growth to pay for themselves. "There's a lot of debate about how will corporations respond to this," Michael told The Bee. "Will they invest ... will they sit on the cash? To some extent that's kind of unknown." Read 

Jeff Michael attended a town hall meeting on the California WaterFix, or Delta tunnels, proposed project and refuted claims by the state Department of Water Resources about the timing of necessary analyses. Read 

November 2017

Dr. Michael was quoted in this story about a community meeting in Walnut Grove about the controversial California WaterFix, or Delta tunnels, project proposed by Gov. Jerry Brown. Michael, who long has said the project simply is not cost-effective, told the crowd of about 200 that the center's 2012 cost-benefit analysis found that there would be about 40 cents of benefit for each dollar spent and that the project was worse than what is in place now. "This is multiples above the cost of desalination," Michael said of the twin tunnels' expense. "It is plainly unviable." Read 

This article discusses the increase in sales tax revenue in the city of Lodi. Dr. Michael provides some insight on Lodi's 5.3% increase in tax revenue compared to a 10% increase countywide. Read 

A report by the Center for Business and Policy Research released at an annual conference was at the center of this story about the San Joaquin County economy.

Dr. Michael commented in this story about a deal that brings Centene Corp. and up to 5,000 jobs to Sacramento. He told the Business Journal that the deal makes sense because of the size of the area's health sector, recent local growth and the existence of Health Het in the region. Read 

After releasing the North San Joaquin Valley Index, the Central Valley Business Journal quotes Dr. Michael and presents the highlights for the NSJV Index. Read 

This article discusses Tim Draper's proposal to split California into three states. Dr. Michael adds some commentary to how splitting up the San Joaquin Valley at Merced would be an interesting take. Read 

October 2017

Dr. Thomas Pogue, Associate Director of the CBPR, provided context and insight in this story about "extreme commuting," or traveling more than two hours a day to get a job. Read 

This story is about the job market in the Bay Area. For the second straight month, the Bay Area lost thousands of jobs. Dr. Michael comments on the lack of places of workers to live but states that this will not continue to be a consistent pattern in the Bay Area. Read 

Dr. Jeff Michael provides some insight on the WaterFix, or Delta Tunnels, the project in this NewsDeeply article. Read 

In this article, Dr. Michael comments on the possibility of Stockton bidding for Amazon's second headquarters, "HQ2."  Read 

In this interview, the Center for Business and Policy Research, and the latest California and Metro Forecast were the basis for this story on the economy. Dr. Michael told CPR that the scarcity of skilled workers and high housing costs would keep the economy from growing faster. Read 

Dr. Michael provided some insight on the California WaterFix project, "If they don't go ahead with this project, there's $17 billion in capital expenses that could be deployed by water agencies in other ways." He adds that "the only way to make this project work would be with a massive taxpayer subsidy, on the order of $7 billion." Read 

Jeff Michael is mentioned in this blog entry about a report by the State Auditor that cites "significant cost increases" to the California WaterFix, or Delta tunnels, project. Michael has written extensively on the high cost and limited expected return of the project. Read 

This article is on Stockton's home construction rate after building fees were lowered to simulate building. Dr. Michael was quoted: "I think it's probably had a little bit of an impact," Michael told The Record. "But 'stimulus,' I think, is a bit of a strong term. If you expected it to be a huge wave that was unrealistic." Read

September 2017

This opinion blog in The Record discusses the impact of the city of Stockton purchasing the Twin Towers on the waterfront and features Dr. Jeff Michael's comments on the issue. Read 

Jeff Michael was cited in the Inman, an online real-estate news outlet, comparing the housing markets of Stockton and San Francisco. Read 

The Sacramento Bee writes about the surging economic growth in the Sacramento region. Jeff Michael comments on how real estate was a big part of the growth. Read 

Dr. Jeff Michael provides some insight in this Sacramento Bee article on the Sacramento housing market. Read 

The Mercury News discusses the Bay Area job market, it presents Jeff Michael's estimates of the Bay Area's regional jobless rate in August. Read 

In this San Diego Union Tribune opinion piece, Jeff Michael co-authored a commentary on the California WaterFix project and why it is not likely to fix California's water problems. The article says the tunnels supporters miscalculate the project's cost and how much it will cost ratepayers. Read 

This article is a story about Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens' claims that Missouri had moved up rankings of the best states to do business. Dr. Michael commented. Read 

The Sacramento Bee discusses the proposed new Amazon headquarters and features Jeff Michael's insight that the Bay Area talent base would rather live in Sacramento.

August 2017

Dr. Jeff Michael was quoted in this story about $3.7 million in property tax breaks Amazon will receive for a new fulfillment center near Salem, Oregon. He questioned whether Amazon needed such incentives for building so close to Interstate 5. He also said local retailers might see new sales because of Amazon employees and that Salem likely would see a net employment gain. Read 

In this article, Dr. Jeff Michael commented on the significant impact that will come from Amazon bringing a new fulfillment center and 1,000 jobs to Stockton. Read 

This article is about the decline of agriculture in San Joaquin County. Farm revenue went from $3.2 billion in 2014 to $2.3 billion in 2016. "It's definitely more challenging times for farmers," Jeff Michael told The Record. "There were a few years there where things were really going well for them when the rest of the economy was pretty lousy in the county. Now the broader economy is improving, but times are getting more difficult for farmers." Read

This story is on venture capital investing in the Sacramento area. "The trend is in the right direction, but it's still nowhere near where it needs to be, or even the potential of a market this size," Dr. Michael told the Business Journal. Read 

Dr. Michael commented in this story about the gains in employment in the San Francisco Bay Area. "The economy in the Bay Area is still strong and healthy, yet the pace of expansion is inevitably slowing down," Michael told the Sentinel. "There is no concern of a slowdown or recession in our near-term forecast." Read 

Jeff Michael was interviewed for this story about long commute times and the 50,000 or so commuters who leave San Joaquin County for the Bay Area, making Stockton one of the highest concentration of "extreme commuters" who travel 90 or more minutes to work. Read 

In this Sacramento Bee article, Dr. Michael commented in this story about the difference in cost of the California WaterFix, or Delta tunnels project. City dwellers will pay as little as $2 per month, while farmers in San Joaquin Valley may have to pay hundreds of dollars per acre-foot of water. Read 

This article quotes Jeff Michael in a story about the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta and the proposed California WaterFix project. He said the financial estimates for the project are speculative and reply on negotiations that haven't happened yet. Read

Dr. Michael commented in this story about a new commercial shopping center next to Interstate 5 at the new Cosumnes River Boulevard interchange. He told The Sac Bee that he is curious how the project will do given the national retail climate, but it does suggest confidence in the continued economic growth for Sacramento. Read

Jeff Michael was cited as a source in this story fact-checking a tweet by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker that a $3 billion incentive for a new factory was the largest of its kind, which Politifact Wisconsin found to be half true and leaves out important information. Read 

A recent blog entry by Jeff Michael, director of the Center for Business and Policy Research, was cited in this story about the California WaterFix, or Delta tunnels, project. He called the Metropolitan Water District's supply projections "wildly optimistic." Read 

July 2017

Dr. Michael commented on this story about the growth of warehouse jobs for fulfillment centers. While the job growth is good news for much of the Central Valley, there are concerns about automation and whether the jobs can lead to a career for young workers. "You know, if the industry shifts to something that has fewer, higher-paying, higher-value jobs, then I don't think that would necessarily be a bad thing," Michael told The New York Times. Read

Dr. Michael was used as a source in fact-checking a statement by Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democratic candidate for governor, that California's Inland Empire is the second fastest growing region in the state. Michael's research and a chart credited to Michael were used in checking Newsom's statement, which was rated true. Read 

In this Sacramento Bee article, Dr. Michael provided context for a story on the unemployment rate in the Sacramento region - below 5 percent for the three months straight for the first time since 2006. Read 

Dr. Michael provided context for a story on why people leave the Sacramento region and where they go. Sacramentans left for other cities that are similar to Sacramento, in most cases, seeking better work, lifestyle and to be part of a faster-growing economy. Read 

This story is about a study by two UC Berkeley scientists showing that climate change will cost California's economy billions of dollars a year, but that the state will not suffer as badly as the Gulf Coast states, which will see increasingly frequent hurricanes, and the Deep South and Midwest, where agricultural yields will suffer. The impacts will also work to widen income gaps between the poor and wealthy. Dr. Michael provided some comments. Read

Jeff Michael was used as a source for this story in fact-checking a statement by Georgia Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle that Georgia is the No. 1 state for doing business. The ranking was based on an article in the Site Selection Magazine. While recognizing the magazine as a "well-regarded business magazine," Politifact also noted that it was just one ranking. They found the statement half true. Read 

Dr. Michael commented in this story about the Sacramento region's typical boom-and-bust housing market and how it seems to be different now. Read 

Work by the Center and Dr. Michael was cited in this story, that over the last five years, fulfillment and distribution centers have created about 10,000 new jobs in San Joaquin County. Read

Jeff Michael was quoted in a story about the California WaterFix proposal to build water tunnels to transport water southward. Michael has said the project simply does not pencil out economically. Read 

Thomas Pogue commented in this Manteca Bulletin story on the impact of the rising minimum wage in Northern San Joaquin Valley compared to the impact in the San Francisco Bay Area.

This article talks about San Joaquin's unemployment rates and interviewed Dr. Jeff Michael. He stated that the unemployment gap has to do with the structure of the local economy and the local workforce. Read 

This article quotes Jeff Michael for work by the center that found the California WaterFix, or Delta Tunnels, the project would provide only 39 cents of benefit for every dollar of cost. Read 

June 2017

The article references a study CBPR did for a client in Calaveras County related to the impacts of the cannabis industry. The article discusses the various issues and concerns of a cannabis industry in Calaveras County. This issue is a source of major contention. Read

The Fresno Bee announced an upcoming Maddy Report discussion with a number of participants, including Jeff Michael, who will be talking about business tax breaks. Read

This article presents a discussion of the impacts and potential outcomes of high-speed rail construction and operation. A CBPR data reference is made and Jeff is quoted about how high-speed rail will bring connectivity. Read

This article from the Sacramento Bee discusses the potential outcomes/impacts of the Delta tunnels on the environment and financially. It presents a view, which Dr. Jeff Michael contributes to, contrary to a story ran by the Sacramento Bee on June 1st. Read

The San Francisco Chronicle presents a summary of CBPR's latest forecast. Of note is the slower rate of population growth due to housing shortages, lower birth rates, and reduced immigration. Read 

May 2017

The article discusses a forum at which Jeff Michael and Thomas Pogue presented research on commute patterns and housing costs. The article states that those commuting from the Bay Area earn higher incomes than those commuting to the Bay Area from the Central Valley.

This brief article from The Record announced a GOC sponsored forum on commuting and housing costs that Dr. Michael and Dr. Pogue will present. Read 

This Oakdale Leader article summarizes CBPR's latest forecast. The article includes portions of the news release, as well as highlights of the forecast. Despite an uncertain policy environment, California's economy continues to perform well.

The Central Valley Business Journal announced the release of the May 2017 forecast and highlighted parts of the report. One highlight includes how health services are now the largest employment sector in California.

The Central Valley Business Times presents a summary and news release for May 2017 CBPR forecast. The summary includes information such as nonfarm payrolls are projected to grow 1.7% in 2017 and 1.4% in 2018, up from 1.6% and 1.0% in the January forecast.

News on CBPR's latest economic forecast. The article has a link to the forecast and discussion of some findings including population growth slowing down due to lower birth rates, immigration, and high housing costs. Read

The Sacramento Bee covered the recent Sacramento area growth on May 6th, 2017. Jeff provides some insight into the cause and the lifespan of the improvement of the area. Read

April 2017

See what Capital Public Radio's author Rich Ibarra had to say on April 26th, 2017 about the Center's report proposing a CSU Stockton. Read 

The Record's article discusses the Council's meeting regarding the possibility of a CSU Stockton. Assemblywoman Eggman and Jeff gave points in support of this university. Students are opting for Bay Area schools because of the access to hi-tech; having a polytechnic CSU Stockton would allure more students and businesses to the area. The university would provide over $700 million in economic benefits. Read 

This article discusses the City Council's meeting about CSU Stockton. Despite the Legislative Analyst's report findings, Assemblywoman Eggman is still pushing for the university. Jeff states that this area is one of the fastest growing, but least served for higher education options. The report is presented at the Council meeting will also discuss the economic benefits of the university. Read

Article from the Santa Cruz Sentential discusses the EDD report with an emphasis on the Bay Area. More than 12,000 jobs were added in the Bay Area, with 9,900 coming from the East Bay. Jeff states that the East Bay will continue to see the fastest job growth. 64% of jobs added in California came from the Bay Area. Read 

Sacramento Bee article discusses the recent EDD report with a focus on California and the Sacramento area. The state unemployment rate for March was 4.9%, the lowest in it's been in a decade. California also leads the country in overall job growth. However, Jeff states that Sacramento's employment growth has slowed over the last six months. Read 

The Sacramento Business Journal article, published on April 10th, covers Aerojet Rocketdyne's move from the Sacramento region to Alabama - taking 1,100 jobs with it. Jeff gives insight into the impact of the job loss in the region and the sign it may be for large employers in Sacramento. Read

The article discusses the "Dibs" program that is designed to help reduce traffic in the NSJV counties. It is a trip planning tool that helps the user find vanpool/carpool programs. The CBPR is mentioned for its data on NSJV commute patterns. Read 

March 2017

See what the Tracy Press has to say about our Cost of Living Analysis from 2016 in this March 31st article. Read 

In this March 24th, Sacramento Bee Jeff is quoted about the market stabilizing and that he doesn't expect it to move down much more. The state unemployment rate was 5% in February and 22.900 jobs were added. Read

The focus of The Mercury News article published on March 24th, 2017 is the amount of job losses the Bay Area has seen. Tech industry is starting to cut jobs after slow growth in 2016. The shortage in venture capital funding has been a factor in the bad job trends. Jeff is quoted stating that the report is ugly. Read

A recent Calaveras Enterprise article published on March 22nd, 2017 covers the community forum that will be held about the cannabis ban vote. Dr. Pogue is mentioned as being one of the attendants of the event. Read 

Jeff Michael was quoted in Michael Fitzgerald's article "Free college: perks and pitfalls" on March 22. The article discusses the drafting of a bill that would tax millionaires in order to make public colleges and universities free for state residents. The bill would tax incomes greater than $1 million at 1% which would give a revenue of $2.2 billion a year. Read 

A March 14 Central Valley Business Times article titled "Environmental group details ways to improve state's water systems discusses a recent report from Restore the Delta. Jeff Michael provides figures related to job creation.

Jeff Michael was quoted in the March 9 article titled "Uncertainties over Trump policies expected to slow California, Bay Area job growth." According to the article, "job creation in California and the Bay Area is expected to weaken this year due to lingering uncertainties over President Donald Trump's tax, immigration, and health care policies." Read 

The Central Valley Business Journal discusses how the increase of automated jobs has affected the Central Valley. Amazon's automation process has brought many jobs to the Valley, but also many jobs in the retail sector have been lost. Tom Is quoted on March 9th saying that jobs are being created in a new context. Read 

The cannabis study is the focus of the article published on March 9th. Jeff states that even though the estimate numbers used were conservative, the output still came out high. Read 

The Record discusses the recent vote by San Joaquin County Board Supervisors to keep the ban on marijuana activities on March 5th. Ban will remain in effect at least until the end of the year. Cannabis impact study is mentioned and Jeff states that the industry could bring thousands of jobs and billions of dollars to the economy. Read 

February 2017

Calaveras Enterprise's article discusses the recent release of the cannabis impact study in an article published on February 23rd. Cannabis cultivation was the highest industry in Calaveras County in 2016. Jeff Michael state that there are large economic impacts for a small rural county. Read 

This February 20th article discusses that financial institutions in the local area have been improving. Jeff states that local banks are more focused on agricultural/small business lending. The agricultural side is strong for the banks, but there could be some future challenges. Read

The Record article discusses the strong reemergence of the housing market in Stockton on February 20th. It is projected that the city will see a small growth in home values. Jeff states that the building progress has been slow and not many permits have been issued in Stockton. Read

The focus of the February 20th The Record article is the new restaurants that have opened in Stockton. Jeff is quoted stating that the hospitality and restaurant sectors have continued to grow in the area. Read

February 10th Mercury News covers the decrease in the tech industry's job growth, which was 3.5% in 2016 compared to 6% in 2014. Jeff is quoted about the scheduled layoffs for some of the large tech companies. He states that when there is a large change in the industry, it is expected that there will be some layoffs. Read 

The article, published on February 2nd briefly discusses the recent forecast. Jeff is quoted about the recent election and how this has sparked an uncertainty of where the economy is headed. Read 

The Merced Sun-Star discusses the same issues as The Fresno Bee article but with a focus on Merced on March 6th. Read 

The Fresno Bee article discusses the newest forecast highlighting the city of Fresno on February 3rd. The unemployment rate is expected to stay stable, but the recent election could have an impact on the healthcare field. Read 

A February 1st Oakdale Leader article covers the recent forecast and the data's reaction to the political climate. The article focuses on California and the Bay Area, covering topics like Obamacare, tax cuts and reduced financial regulation.

January 2017

An article from the Central Valley Business Journal covers on January 31st the recent forecast with a focus on Central Valley, Bay Area and California providing key summaries of highlights from the publication.

The Central Valley Business Times covered the recent economic forecast release highlighting indicators for the expected California economic growth.

A January 31st article from The Business Journal discusses the recent January 2017 economic forecast release focused on the Central Valley and the possible economic impact of the anticipated Obamacare rollback.

The January 28th Manteca Bulletin article details the Manteca State of the City address. Dr. Pogue is mentioned throughout the article for giving the presentation. Manteca's commute base is largely due to the close proximity to the Bay Area and Sacramento.

Mercury News discusses on January 18th Fed Chair Janet Yellen's recent address at the Commonwealth Club. She states the economy is continuing to improve and Jeff is mentioned agreeing with Yellen. He states that full employment has already occurred in some areas of the country. Read

The article discusses the results of a Sacramento survey in the Sacramento Business Journal on January 17th. Participants of the survey were small business owners who are optimistic about the regional economy due to the results of the election. Jeff mentions that this optimism could have been because of the recent opening of the Golden 1 Center. Read

The focus of this January 17th The Record article is the large gap in personal income between Stockton and California as a whole. There are different factors that could be contributing to this dilemma including education. Jeff says that there has been an improvement in this gap, but not to the extent that is needed. Read 

This article from the Wall Street Journal on January 13th discusses the Amazon fulfillment center in Tracy and how it has contributed to the Valley's decrease in unemployment. Jeff states that the increase in jobs has been beneficial for the communities. Read

The Central Valley Business Times article discusses the California tunnels on January 5th. The increase of water supply to the State Water Project will decrease the water supply to the Central Valley Project. Jeff mentions that the change in supply will change the distribution between agricultural and urban users.

This article discusses California's Water Fix project in the Maven's Notebook on January 4th. Jeff is quoted extensively throughout the article about the project's benefits and costs. Read 

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