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Developmental Writing and the College-level Writing Requirements

The Developmental Writing Program consists of a series of courses that fulfill the "pre-college" writing requirement. These courses are calibrated for students new to the university and are intended to provide instruction in the writing skills required for success as a college-level writer.

Developmental Writing Courses

Accelerated Academic Writing (WRIT 10), offered fall and spring semesters

WRIT 10 is a two-unit course intended for students who need to fulfill the university's fundamental skills requirement in writing. WRIT 010 includes approximately 5,000 words of edited composition. Students will develop advanced writing projects as they develop strong written communication skills, critical thinking, and reading skills necessary for success in their majors and will engage in information literacy by locating, evaluating, and synthesizing source material from various disciplines. Students will also learn how to appropriately document papers, using APA, MLA, CMS and CSE citation styles as needed.

Placement is determined by standardized or diagnostic test scores. Pass/No credit (P/NC) grading option is not allowed for this course. A grade of C- or better is required to satisfy the university's fundamental skills writing requirement.).

College-level Writing Courses


In CORE 2, students will develop the writing and critical thinking skills necessary for college-level academic writing and careful reasoning. Individual course sections will be thematic in nature and will vary to allow for focused exploration of complex issues and contexts through the active and engaged close reading of literary and other texts. Students will develop their reading and reasoning skills through seminar-style classroom discussion and receive writing instruction to help them develop prose that is clear, concise, nuanced, and persuasive.